Searching on Location: Planning a Research Trip

Even though many people use their vacation time for research trips, such trips are rarely a vacation. Getting the most out of a research trip, making the best use of time, visiting the most family member or research locations, and even making the most of limited finances all take careful planning. To help genealogists plan and execute successful research trips, Anne Ross Balhuizen has written Searching on Location: Planning a Research Trip.

Whether your next research trip is to visit with distant relatives with the hope of eking out some family information from them or, to visit a distant courthouse, library, or other archive, this book can help anyone plan a successful trip. The author suggests success is the result of a systematic approach, with a rational and organized plan. Such a plan can help avoid costly wastes of time, as well as help make sure no clues are overlooked or vital data missed. Balhuizen takes a methodical approach to reviewing the subject. Following her guidance in trip planning and execution will guarantee a positive experience; barring, of course, natural disasters. For those, a different type of planning is needed.






1 What You Do at Home Saves Time on the Road

2 Practical Preparation

3 On the Road

4 Getting to Know Your Relatives

5 Visits to Libraries and Archives

6 Treasures of Historical, Genealogical, and Lineage Societies

7 Approaching Courthouses

8 Finding Help in Churches

9 Research in Cemeteries and Funeral Homes

10 Newspapers as a Resource

11 Do Not Forget the Unusual Sources

12 When You Are Not Alone: Special Consideration for Group Travel

13 Back at Home

14 A Final Word

Checklist: A Reminder of Things to Do




Searching on Location: Planning a Research Trip is available from Family Roots Publishing, Price: $9.75.

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