Not Much Truth in the George Clooney Irish Roots Story

The following excerpt is from the 14 September, 2012 edition of

“The ‘Freddie Starr Ate my Hamster’ story of Irish genealogy”

Genealogists have shown that the story of George Clooney’s Irish roots, widely publicised earlier this year, doesn’t stand up to closer examination.

Although ‘Gorgeous George’s’ ancestors did in fact originate in Knockeen, Windgap in South Kilkenny research commissioned by the Burke Family has shown that most of the story broken in 2011, has no factual basis.

The Clooney family were not evicted during the Famine, but remained on their land until the mid 1850s when it was sold as a bankrupt’s estate.

The younger generation of Clooney’s emigrated as a group.

And there is no proven link to a family of the same name in Abbeyleix despite bogus attempts to claim there are.

Furthermore, the Kilkenny People has learned there has been no contact whatsoever between with the actor, his agent in Los Angeles and the Clooney wanabees in Abbeyleix.

And George Clooney’s ancestors have no proven link with the Titanic.

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One thought on “Not Much Truth in the George Clooney Irish Roots Story

  1. It’s now time for Eneclann to stand up and invite George Clooney and family to a proper geneology event/gathering. What has been offered so far in the form of an amateur but much hyped documentary by a kk self proclaimed film maker is bogus, unfounded and shoddy research. Most embarrassing for the living Clooney relatives and embarrassing for the good people of Kilkenny. There are excellent geneologists in Ireland so it is time to put a stop to people who undermine their expertise by producing low quality, hyped up, red tabloid standard drivil. ENOUGH IS ENOUGH!!!

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