Civil War in Texas and New Mexico Territory

There is an intrinsic value in studying history; rather, history beyond the stories of our own ancestors. Local and world events shaped the course of lives, including our own ancestors, in ways we may never fully appreciate. Reading history can help the genealogist better understand the world in which their ancestors lived. Some of the most enjoyable histories are those written as stories. Civil War in Texas and New Mexico Territory is just such a book.

Did you know that eleven days before Fort Sumter, South Carolina, was fired upon, the Civil War had already begun in Texas? Civil War stories from the western states and territories are often forgotten with so many major battles and stories that happened further east. Civil War in Texas and New Mexico Territory  by Steve Cottrell outlines the conflict of war as it directly affected Texas and the New Mexico Territory, their participation, and the people involved. The book is written in storybook style. Cottrell writes this story with skill, captivating the reader from page 1.

The book opens immediately with Texas voting against it Governor’s wishes and joining the Confederacy. The quickly established army immediately took over all U.S. forts and military installations in the state without a single casualty. There is even a story of how Robert E. Lee was nearly held captive, but was permitted to leave the state because a declaration of war had not yet actually been declared. The book continues with story after story about Texas’ and New Mexico’s part in the war. Between the lines of this well-written story lies the facts and interesting detail of the Civil War in the South West and is well worth the time taken to read its pages.

“There is enough detail to give the reader a clear understanding of the war in the far west, which tends to be a forgotten subject.” Civil War Courier


Table of Contents


Chapter 1: Lone Star Rebels

Chapter 2: Desert Empire

Chapter 3: Ships, Sand, and Shells

Chapter 4: The Last Hurrah

Appendix: Refighting the War




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