Early East Texas: A History From Indian Settlements to Statehood

Early East Texas: A History From Indian Settlements to Statehood is a history book for an area where few place their focus when studying the growth and expansion of the United States. This history of eastern Texas looks at four Mexican towns or municipalities: Nacogdoches, San Augustine, Sabine, and Shelby (Tenaha). Through the eyes of these towns, the events and stories that brought Texas to statehood are unfolded.

This books starts with a look at the earliest known settlers and the lifestyles of the local inhabitants in Eastern Texas. Many of the earliest male settlers took Spanish or Mexican wives and quietly went to work as farmers, ranchers, and small town folk. Through this history, the people and events that shaped early Texas and brought about its independence from Mexico and ultimate statehood are seen and studied. Information includes local affairs, education, religion, law and justice, and the daily life of the people in East Texas.

Appendices provide individual names for the leading men and personalities involved in these historical events. East Texas Congress, District and County Judges, East Texas Bar, Delegates to the Convention of 1836, and physicians. The index includes a full name listing.

Table of Contents


Chapter One: Early Settlements

  • The Europeans Arrive
  • Founding Permanent Settlements

Chapter Two: Filibustering Years

  • Philip Nolan
  • Magee-Gutierrez Expedition
  • The Long Expedition

Chapter Three: The Fredonian Rebellion

  • Antecedents: The Reentry
  • An Empresario Comes
  • A Rebellion Launched

Chapter Four: Tranquil Years

  • The Redlands
  • Civil Government for San Augustine
  • The Municipality of Nacogdoches
  • The Town of San Augustine

Chapter Five: The Battle Nacogdoches

  • The Battle Erups
  • Elsewhere in East Texas

Chapter Six: Revolution/After

  • Conventions in 1832 and 1833
  • Consultation of 1835 and Convention of 1836
  • Revolutionary Days in East Texas

Chapter Seven: Events in the Life of The Republic

  • The Cordovan Rebellion
  • The Cherokee War
  • The Regulator-Moderator Feud
  • Local Affairs

Chapter Eight: Education and Religion

  • Education in East Texas
  • East Texas Religion

Chapter Nine: Law and Justice

  • Complex Legal System
  • Legal Practice and Practioners
  • Courts and Judges

Chapter Ten: Physicians and Medicines

  • Physicians
  • Medical Practice

Chapter Eleven: Lfestyles

  • Amusements
  • Architecture and Daily Life



  • Appendix I East Texas Congress: Republic of Texas
  • Appendix II District and County Judges: Republic of Texas
  • Appendix III East Texas Bar
  • Appendix IV East Texas Delegates: Convention of 1836
  • Appendix V East Texas Physicians



Early East Texas: A History From Indian Settlements to Statehood is available from Family Roots Publishing; Item #: HBE2187, Price: $26.46.


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