DearMyrtle reported this morning that the Halstead Mortuary Records form 1923 to 1960 have been posted online by The mortuary records were posted by sfgenealogy, with Researchity holding the copyright. The 1961 through 1974 records are now being indexed, and they are looking for volunteers. Records from 1975 are held by the funeral home, and will not be online in the foreseeable future.

I did a search on the surname, Canfield, and got 8 hits on four different people. Their deaths were 1931 through 1961. Following is a screen shot of the hits.


Clicking on image 9909 for George Wallace Canfield, I got the following digital image. It is fairly light onscreen and I’ve added contrast with Photoshop Elements to make it more legible. I recommend doing this with any of your documents that are difficult to read, prior to filing them electronically.


This is a wonderful resource for San Francisco researchers. Search for your San Francisco ancestors in the online Halstead Mortuary records.