The Claybourn Genealogical Society Website

Over the last couple weeks, I’ve been corresponding with Joshua Claybourn, the creator of a world-class website for the Claybourn Genealogical Society.

According to information I found at the site, the purpose of CGS is “to provide leadership in assembling and recording data and information on ancestors and descendants of the Claybourn family (with variants of the name), and also to cultivate the ties of friendship among all Claybourn families.” The website certainly supports that idea.

The homepage is simple and straightforward – making it easy to find your way into the many resources found behind it. Besides browsing the site, you can search it using either the Google or MSN search engines.

Claybourn Genealogical Society website

Resources found on the website include information on researching your Claybourn family lines, links to important websites, membership information, news and – best of all – an absolutely wonderful History section. I found it fascinating – and I don’t even have any Claybourn relatives (that I’ve found yet, anyway). Click on the names found on the first page of he History section. You’ll be amazed…

The Claybourn Genealogical Society website is a great example of how a family-oriented website can be fun, attractive and informative. Check it out.

One thought on “The Claybourn Genealogical Society Website

  1. Can anyone be of help in researching CLAYBORNE people of color?
    Finding that surname somehow links to my WILDONS and ANDERSONS
    of NC and SC but unable to find the link.
    HATTIE CLAYBORNE, Black, is listed as the Mother of FRANCIS ANDERSON/WILDON, according to a DC of NC.

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