National Archives Resources for Genealogists

When was the last time you visited the Nation Archives’ website? Did you know they have an entire section dedicated to Genealogical research? The Resources for Genealogists section provides “links to pages throughout the web site with articles, finding aids, and other helpful information to help you prepare for your genealogical research at the National Archives.”


The site offers information broken into four main areas: key research information, research topics of genealogical interest, an events section, and additional tools. Each area offers additional help and information.

The primary Resources area includes:

  • Getting started help
  • Tutorials
  • Research Topic Guides
  • Tips and other information

The Popular Topics areas includes information for over 30 specific topics of interest to genealogists. Topics such as Census Records, Immigration, Maritime, and Land Records. Each topic area covers:

  • Background information on the topic
  • Essays
  • Data
  • Links
  • and more to guide research into the Archives’ holding on the subject

The events section provide information and a calendar to conferences, workshops, and other events specifically oriented to the genealogists. Events are all over the country, mostly at the various archives centers. Workshops coming in April alone cover such topics as:

  • The 1940 Census
  • Introduction to Genealogy
  • Scrapbooking for Genealogists
  • Researching Your Jewish Roots
  • and a two day Genealogy Fair in Washington, DC

Other research tools and a section on archiving your family history round out this site’s thorough offering.

While The National Archives website actually has very few records online, the Archives does offer a wealth of useful research information to anyone looking to learn more about genealogy as a whole, or perhaps more importantly, how to use the Archives for family history research. The focus is on preparing and conducting on site research. The website get the researcher ready for their on site visit. The workshops and other training events are just a big bonus.

Visit the Archives website to learn more and to find an local office near you.

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