Genealogy at a Glance: French Genealogy Research

If you are looking for French-Canadian research, there are plenty of resources available to help you out; including, a Genealogy at a Glance: French-Canadian Research. However, there are precious few book on researching one’s French ancestors, as in, from France. This makes Genealogy at a Glance: French Genealogy Research, that much more important as a tool to researchers. According to this guide’s “Quick Facts”:

  • 8.3 million Americans (about 3% of the population in 2000) claim French ancestry
  • 2.4 million American (or just shy of 1% in 2000) claimed French-Canadian or Acadian ancestry
  • The majority claiming French ancestry reside in Louisiana, New England, and the Midwest

French Genealogy Research was put together by Claire Bettag, CG, CGL. Like all the Genealogy At A Glance sheets, this guide is a four-page, full-color limited brochure meant to be easily stored and sized to take with you when conducting related research.

This guide is packed with information to help family historians discover their immigrant ancestors, locate their ancestor’s town of origin, and other key historical points. Discussion cover important resource types and locations; including printed and online resources. Additional tips and “further references” provide reader interest and added research value.

Like each At A Glance, the top of the first page provides Contents and Quick Facts. The Contents of this sheet include:


  • Major Periods of French Immigration
  • Who Were the Immigrants
  • Emigration/Immigration Records

Unlocking French Family History

  • Pinpointing the Town of Origin
  • Family Names
  • Huguenots

Political/Archival Organization

Major Record Sources

  • Parish Registers, 16th century–1792
  • Civil Registrations, 1792–present
  • Notarial Records, 16th century–present
  • Censuses

Other Records


Online Resources

Other Records includes subsections for land records, military records, municipal/communal archives, departmental archives, archives in Paris, national archives, and the Family History Library.


Find the help you need, and carry it with you, with your own copy of Genealogy At A Glance: French Genealogy Research available at Family Roots Publishing; Item #: GPC479, Price: $8.77

2 thoughts on “Genealogy at a Glance: French Genealogy Research

  1. My ancestors in France were Breton, so their parish & civil registers are online from abt mmid 1600s to 1886, (surname only index up until 1902). So of course, my grandfather was born in 1888!
    My chief difficulty is decoding the handwriting. There are online translators of many ancient occupations and lists of common French genealogical terms. These old records also are very formulaic, which also makes it easier.
    However, I have not yet gotten into the notarial fonds yet, where all bets will be off!

  2. I found a town in northern Italy by the name of Avise. It was founded by a Count “somebody” Avise in around 1500s. The castle is still there and was visited by a second cousin of mine. Is there a place I could try to piece his name together with my familly’s earliest records. At this point, those records would be in Sweedesboro, N.J. from the 1700s. He helped found the church in whose graveyard he is buried. I’m not at my home and have none of my records with me. I will be back there in October.

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