Cemetery in Need of Assistance

How many cemeteries, possibly near our own hometowns, are in need of similar help as the historical cemetery in the following article?

Historic Cemetery Needs Help

A local cemetery that serves as a burial place for African American civil war veterans is in dire need of money and maintenance.

“A lot of people say that if you don’t know where you came from you won’t know where you’re going.”

That’s the message Ray Fussell of the Lawnside Historic Society is trying to spread in order to help save an important piece of history in danger of being lost forever.

The Mount Peace Cemetery was created in 1902 on White Horse Pike in Lawnside. It serves as a burial place for African Americans who were not allowed to be buried in white cemeteries.

“These are Civil War soldiers,” said Fussell. “Black soldiers, black people couldn’t be buried anywhere they wanted to be, that’s why so many of them came here.”

Click here to read the full article on NBC Philidelphia.

2 thoughts on “Cemetery in Need of Assistance

  1. There is also a unrecognized grave yard that probably has black indivuals buried there. It is on Carters Creek Pike in Franklin, Williamson County, Tennessee. I wish there was some way it could be restored or at least information be located as to who is buried there.

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