Getting the Most, and Then a Little More, from Google Earth

Earlier in the week, we looked at a DVD from Lisa Louise Cook entitled Google Earth for Genealogy, Volume I. As mentioned, the DVD is part of a set. Here, we look at Volume II.

One of the many great tools, beside web searches, provided by Google is Google Earth. But how can Google Earth help you as a genealogist. Lisa Louise Cooke, producer and host of the popular Genealogy Gems Podcast, has a developed a tutorial video series called Google Earth for Genealogy. The video series is a two volume DVD set.

Volume II provides step-by-step instructions to the following:

  • Pinpoint Property
  • Locate Original Land Surveys
  • Customize Place Marks
  • Create and Share Family History Tours
  • Ad Video to Maps
  • Incorporate 3D Models
  • Ad Focus with Polygons and Paths

The DVD also includes:

  • Introduction Video
  • Website Links
  • Access to Bonus Podcast Interview
  • Downloadable Images

Anyone interested in expanding their use of Google Earth in a fun way while adding a new level of interest to their genealogy research should watch these great instructional videos.

Get your copy from Family Roots Publishing; Item #: LU03.

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