What do these photos bring to mind! The almost-here Salt Lake Christmas Tour 2011!! The friendship, the good breakfasts from Dick and Dee Cattaneo, the opportunity for hours in the Family History Library, and the jolly companionship of our loveable boss, Leland. What more could we ask for?

Do you realize that the FHL offers free access to so many databases that would cost you and I more than we can afford to have our own at-home subscriptions? Even if you just came and just sat at a computer all day you would surely make progress with your research. Have you picked out and printed out the problems you want to work on this time?? I looked at my pedigree (in the Legacy program) and picked five dead-end problems that I hope to find some time to study. I printed out the pedigree chart and the accompanying group charts (no man is an island!) and put them into separate folders. Those five folders are all I’m bringing. (That and a thumb drive with all my Legacy/ancestors on it.) That is all you need to bring, too, the charts for the problems you want to work. Decide that before you come and leave those big, bulky rolling carts at home!

OhMyGosh……. two weeks from tomorrow and I’ll be there. OhMyGosh!!

Donna, your excited and eager Mother Hen