Digitization Funding Available for Collections with Genealogical Value in South Africa

Digitization of genealogy-related records is going on World-wide. Following is a teaser from an article out of South Africa.

Do you have collections that have significant genealogical value? Are you interested in getting the collection digitised? If so, we would like to hear from you as there is a potential funding opportunity.

Digitising heritage collections is a very costly business, simply because of the labour intensive and highly technical nature of the task. There is, however, potential funding available through Ancestry 24 for Africa Media Online to digitise your collection.

We are particularly looking for genealogical records such as birth, death and marriage certificates; birth and death notices; and researched genealogies. This could also include yearbooks, registers, certificates and photographs. Although there is interest in the broad spectrum of South African families, of particular interest right now are:

  • Minority immigrant language groups (including churches)
  • Afrikaans Heritage including churches
  • Cape-Malay heritage
  • Schools with a rich history
  • There is a particular need for material from the Free State and Gauteng

Ancestry 24’s interest in funding this work is to host the digitised records on Ancestry24.com where they do charge for certain levels of access. The site is the largest online destination for South African genealogists, hosting the biggest online collection of genealogy material pertaining to South African families. It was a partner in the SABC TV-series Who Do You Think You Are?.

Read the full article.

Author: Leland Meitzler

Leland K. Meitzler founded Heritage Quest in 1985, and has worked as Managing Editor of both Heritage Quest Magazine and The Genealogical Helper. He currently operates Family Roots Publishing Company (www.FamilyRootsPublishing.com), writes daily at GenealogyBlog.com, writes the weekly Genealogy Newsline, conducts the annual Salt Lake Christmas Tour to the Family History Library, and speaks nationally, having given over 2000 lectures since 1983.

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