Guess the Relative – a New British TV Show

Earlier today I got a phone call from a lady with a British accent so thick I couldn’t understand but maybe one out of 10 words she was saying. Those who know me know that I’m very deaf, and don’t do well on the phone anyway, but this call was about the as bad as it could get… So I asked the lady to email her information. Following is what she sent… This does look interesting.

Do you think your family tree might have British roots?

Would you like to travel to Britain to discover your living relatives?

Dragonfly TV is making an exciting new game show featuring families, ancestors and long-lost relatives.

We’re searching for people from all over the world, who think they may have British ancestry, who would like to take part.

Whether your Great Great Grandfather was born in England or your Great Aunt lived in Scotland… If you think you, or anyone you know, may have any British ancestry, we want to hear from you!

Contact the production team NOW to find out more:

Webpage: for more info or to apply
Phone: +44 207 033 2319

6 thoughts on “Guess the Relative – a New British TV Show

  1. Leland and Patty,

    Do you two have a email address on your site or some way that I could contact you without having to leave a comment?

    Laura J.

  2. Hi Leland and Patty,

    Did either of you apply? Did either of you hear back from the show?

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