Belarusians With Polish Ancestry May Have a Problem Getting Documents from the State Archives

The following teaser is from an article in the April 4, 2011 edition of The English is a little off, but no nearly as bad as what we’d get if we had to use one of the online translation programs. Note that the site is a Belarus website (denoted by the .by).

Belarusians with Polish roots may encounter difficulties in obtaining certificates in their immediate family due to the fact that members of the State Archives have received a secret order to stop the issuance of such certificates. Some experts attribute this to the situation around the so-called “Polish Card.”

“Polish Card” is a document which allows the Belarusians with Polish roots to travel to Poland without a visa and get a job there, as well as some benefits.

In order to obtain “Polish Card,” Belarusian citizens must prove that their parents or grandparents were Polish. People need to contact the churches and the state archives for the related documents. Now it’s almost impossible to get the necessary information from the archives, “Belarusian partisans.”

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