“Mr. Locator” – True Stories of Finding Missing Heirs

I’ve always found the business of chasing down missing heirs to be a fascinating one. I certainly would not want to attempt to make my living this way, but there are those who find the challenge to be exciting, and rewarding, Eighty-nine year old Robert Nemecek is one of those folks. He’s written a book about a number of his cases, and it makes pretty fascinating reading. Following is a press release about his book, Mr. Locator: Tracer of Missing Heirs.

PARADISE, Calif. – (BUSINESS WIRE) – Ancestry, genealogy and family trees are all hot topics these days. The new book, Mr. Locator, tells the true stories of Robert Nemecek, an expert genealogical researcher, as he examines unsolved cases involving unclaimed inheritances. Investigating through a vast research network, including computer systems, public records, genealogical resources, as well as through speaking with friends, neighbors, employers and family members is the way that missing heirs are found.

Finding these errant heirs is, and has been, a time consuming, expensive and meticulous research endeavor. Every step is scrutinized by judges, courts, administrators, bankers, insurance companies, trust officers or lawyers. No stone can remain unturned and everyone must be accounted for. Working against statutes of limitation, cut-off dates and deadlines, time is of the essence. Each case is different and there are varying requirements. Once deadlines pass or others have made claims, positions may be diminished, or worse yet, lost forever and lawfully irretrievable.

Genealogical researchers are respected experts, and good ones like Robert Nemecek are a dying breed.

Author Robert Nemecek selected six cases he deemed best for this book:

  • ‘The Cicero Truck Driver’
  • ‘The Errant Widow’
  • ‘A Misplaced Aircraft’
  • ‘An Unusually Honest Con Artist’
  • ‘An AWOL City Controller’
  • ‘Prospecting for Gold in Cripple Creek’

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About The Author
Robert R. Nemecek, a veteran of World War II and avid pilot, started tracing missing persons and doing genealogical research work in 1949. He formed his own company named Robert’s and Associates, which handled many cases nationally and internationally. His research work proved invaluable in the movie The Lincoln Conspiracy and also in his search for long-lost art objects. In his free time, he is active on another book that shall soon be published.

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