Bandit passed away yesterday. He was a siamese cat that adopted us when he was just a tiny kitten. In early September of 1994, Patty and I were out at by the Bandit - July 1994-Mar 22 2011 RIPmailbox at our getaway place near Custer, South Dakota. Bandit was crying and hidden under a sign by the highway. He was almost all white, with a few markings that gave away his siamese heritage. He looked to be about 6 weeks old. He immediately became part of the family, traveling in the motor coach for 6 years, and then settling down with us in Bountiful, Utah. When he was young, he would spring up onto the passenger-side windshield visor in the RV, riding up there for hours. He slowed down as he got older, but stayed close to Patty and I. Wherever we were, he’d be nearby. Yesterday, he came in the kitchen asking for breakfast. I fed him, and he laid down and died a couple hours later – with us until the end. He was just over sixteen and a half years old. We will miss him.