The Comedian Uses Genealogy for the Fun of It

The comedic community often uses their own families to get laughs. I realized that my family history was hilarious years ago. Not being a comedian, I haven’t developed the talent to portray that to others very well, but it’s certainly true. Those of you who know me well most likely realize that I don’t take life too seriously though. Life’s short. Laugh as much as possible while you can…

The following is an item out of Australia. It seems that comedian Tom Gleeson has found his family history rather entertaining.

GENEALOGY can be funny. Just ask loved Melbourne comedian Tom Gleeson, who got quite a kick out of visiting his ancestral home Tom Gleesonin Ireland and finding a whole town exactly like himself.

Gleeson visited the country his relatives left four generations back, hoping to find a culture “so much more interesting” than his own.

On the up-side, everybody looked like him. On the downside he discovered “all Gleesons look at a really cool place to live and then live near it, not in it”.

“Roger Gleeson lived in Nenagh, near Tipperary, and it’s a boring little town, way out of Dublin. Then he migrated to Mudgee, a pretty ordinary place outside Sydney. And I came to Melbourne – now that’s cool – but I bought my house in Romsey,” he says.

Read the full article in the March 10, 2011 edition of the Herald Son.

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