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The Best of Roots & Branches

Roots & Branches is a long running newspaper column focusing on genealogy and family history research. The column written by Pennsylvanian columnist James M. Beidler covers all the standard areas of research like census and land records to more advanced skills like finding an immigrants hometown, name changes, and finding secondary uses for primary sources. […]

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Getting Started in #Genealogy Bundle – On Sale for 65% Off

As this week’s FRPC Exceptional Bargain Offer, Family Roots Publishing is offering 3 popular genealogy books as a bundle for 65% off – or individually at 25% off. The bundle is heavy, and can’t be shipped outside of the United States & Canada. To Purchase the bundle for just $19.20 (plus $8 p&h), Click Here. […]

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Evidence Explained – Citing History Sources From Artifacts To Cyberspace – Second Edition

When I first picked up Evidence Explained, Citing History Sources from Artifacts to Cyberspace, I read the Foreword and Acknowledgemen,t then skimmed a few pages. I immediately shut the book and said something to the effect of, “this is too academic.” Then I thought about it. My friend and the author, Elizabeth Shown Mills, is […]

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Evidence! Citation & Analysis for the Family Historian

Many years ago, when Google was still an Internet infant and AltaVista ruled the search world, I wrote a guide book to using search engines and maximizing the quality of search results. I included a chapter called the SAR Loop. SAR stands for search, analyze and revise. The idea was to help researchers understand and […]

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Indexing Photographs And Documents: A Step-by-step Guide To Organize And Manage Files

One thing about author and genealogist Phillip M Mayer is he likes to keep things simple. In his guides, readers are taught to use common tools in a simple, straight-forward way to produce clean, easy-to-use results. For example, in his book Indexing Photographs And Documents: A Step-by-step Guide To Organize And Manage Files, Mayer shows […]

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Sharing Genealogy Electronically — Webinar

Sharing Genealogy Electronically is a webinar were you will learn about various methods of sharing your genealogy — printed books, print-on-demand publishing, websites, shareable CDs, and more. In this Legacy Family Tree presentation you will learn how to better use Legacy Family Tree for sharing your genealogy. Web seminars, or “Webinars,” have quickly become one […]

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Advice on How to Research Family History, Part 1

The following excerpt is from website, 11/6/2013 Starting Our Genealogical Journey Q. I am the ultimate beginner. I am curious about my family history, but I don’t even know what I’m looking for or where to begin. What’s the best way to start going down what is clearly a rabbit hole? What kinds of […]

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Beginners Guide To Genetic Genealogy

14 easy lessons on DNA, and how a genealogists can use it to find relatives. What is Genetic Genealogy? Genealogy is simply the study of one’s family tree or ancestry. Genetic genealogy uses DNA testing to determine the genetic relationship between individuals. Why would someone want to use DNA for genealogy? There are many reasons […]

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Family History Detective: A Step-By-Step Guide To Investigating Your Family Tree

There are many beginner genealogy books, and guides, and workbooks, and reference sheets, etc. Many are well written, some personable, and others just plain fun. No one book is best and no one author is better or more knowledgeable than the rest. So, when yet another newbie’s guidebook comes across my desk I don’t just […]

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Forensic Genealogy – Revised

Forensic Genealogy – Revised, was written to help genealogists dig deeper, examining sources with greater scrutiny to achieve greater success. Usually, when someone is said to be wearing the proverbial rose-colored glasses they are said to be viewing the world, or a situations, as better than it really is. The idiom suggests not positive thinking […]

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Zap the Grandma Gap, Book and Workbook

The Book Zap the Grandma Gap: Connecting with Your  Family by Connecting Them to Their Family History takes an old idea and breathes new life into sharing family history. I don’t know many genealogists who haven’t complained about how difficult it is to get the next generation interested and involved in their family history. Some […]

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The Name IS the Game: Onomatology and the Genealogist

Two hundred years ago no parent would have named a child for a favorite movie star. There were no movies. However, naming a child for an historical figure, like George after George Washington, was not uncommon. Other naming practice common in the past would seldom be considered today. However, understanding such practices may help a […]

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Give Your Family a Gift That Money Can’t Buy: Record & Preserve Your Family’s History

After more than five years, Jeffrey A. Bockman, has published a major update to his popular book, Give Your Family a Gift That Money Can’t Buy: Record & Preserve Your Family’s History. Now in its fifth edition, this fantastic primer covers all the basics needed for the novice to get started with family history research. […]

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Your Swedish Roots

Your Swedish Roots: A Step by Step Handbook may be the most comprehensive book on Swedish family history research available on the market today. The book focuses on Swedish-American research, from immigrant descendents back to their roots in the old country. Starting with basic instructions, the book quickly moves to detailed case studies full of […]

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Google Earth for Genealogy, Volumes I and II

One of the many great tools, beside web searches, provided by Google is Google Earth. But how can Google Earth help you as a genealogist? Google Earth has the power to geographically document your ancestor’s lives. Lisa Louise Cooke, producer and host of the popular Genealogy Gems Podcast, has a developed a tutorial video series called […]

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