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TheGenealogist Releases 99,500 Records of London Synagogue Seat-Holders 1920-1939

The following news release is from TheGenealogist: TheGenealogist has released online 99,500 records of London synagogue seat-holders spanning the years from 1920 to 1939. Covering the records from 18 Synagogues around London with many connected guilds, societies and charities etc. Additional information found in these records include names of gentlemen eligible for office, life member […]

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For Richer for Poorer – Historic Jewish Weddings in London’s East End

The following excerpt is from a fascinating article by Anne Joseph, posted in the March 19, 2015 edition of The Jewish Daily Forward: “No man in Whitechapel drives a busier or a more paying trade than does the shadchan,” observed the writer Louise Jordan Miln in 1900. In fact, a ledger belonging to a shadkhen, […]

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Portugal Approves Giving Jewish Inquisition Victims’ Descendants Citizenship – #Genealogy

The following teaser is from an article posted in the January 29, 2015 edition of The Portugese Cabinet on Thursday approved a new law giving dual citizenship to the descendants of the Jews expelled or forcibly converted to Christianity during the Spanish Inquisition, in which thousands of Jews were brutally murdered. It remains to […]

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Auschwitz Survivor Finds First Cousins in America

The following excerpt is from an article posted in the November 12, 2014 edition of Auschwitz prisoner No. A7733 has yet to find his twin brother, but his journey has already generated a family. About a year and a half ago, Ynet published the story of Menachem Bodner, a twin survivor of the Mengele […]

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The Implications of DNA Testing for Those Who May or May Not Know of Their Jewish Ancestry

Combine the fact that tens of thousands of folks with Jewish ancestry worldwide are returning to Israel (with many Americans included) with with continuous advances being made in ancestral DNA research, and increased Jewish interest in DNA and Genetic DNA analysis makes perfect sense. Following is an excerpt from the Introduction to an article written […]

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AncestryDNA Upgrades the Methods Used for Cousin Matches

The following teaser was posted on the blog on August 1. Very interesting… I’ve always felt that DNA matches were often VERY overmatched… Now I know why. Overmatching is evident throughout all populations, but is most pronounced for those with Jewish and hispanic ancestry it seems. AncestryDNA customers with significant Jewish ancestry have witnessed […]

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Eva Braun May Have Had Jewish Ancestry

The following teaser is from the April 7, 2014 edition of Eva Braun, the wife of Adolf Hitler, may have had Jewish ancestry, according to a new British documentary. “Dead Famous DNA,” which is scheduled to air Wednesday on Britain’s Channel 4, reported that hair samples from a brush believed to have been used […]

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A Reporter in France Helps to Return Art Taken by the Nazis

The following excerpt is from a fantastic research story by reporter Doreen Carvajel, posted in the January 30, 2014 edition of the New York Times. Thanks to my friend, Daniel Horowitz, with MytHeritage, for turning me on to this… What a story! PARIS — I worked nights from a leather chair in my living room, […]

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Miami Woman Tracks Her Jewish Roots Through 22 Generations

The following excerpt is from the January 3rd 2014, by Ana Veciana-Suarez Genie Milgrom’s quest for her religious roots began with a mysterious box her maternal grandmother left her when she died. It ends, if one can call it an ending, with a book, a website, speaking engagements around the world and a scholar’s […]

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FamilySearch Adds Over 1.9 Million Indexed Records & Images to Collections from Austria, Denmark, Hungary, & the USA

The following is from FamilySearch: FamilySearch has added more than 1.9 million indexed records and images to collections from Austria, Denmark, Hungary, and the United States. Notable collection updates include the 834,729 indexed records and images from the U.S., Maryland, Baltimore Passenger Lists, 1820-1948, collection, the 590,658 indexed records from the new U.S., New York, […]

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Lost Branch of the Kerry Family Tree Comes to Light

The following teaser is from the October 13 edition of the Boston Globe. This is a tragic and fascinating story. CAMBRIDGE — Over the years, Dr. Joan Wheelis has bumped into John F. Kerry a couple of times at a Cambridge tailor shop they both happen to like. The psychiatrist and the then-US senator from […]

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The Ancestry of Ashkenazi Jews

The following teaser is from the October 09, 2013 edition of Heritage Daily: Professor Martin Richards, of the Archaeogenetics Research Group at the University of Huddersfield, has published a paper uncovering new information about how Ashkenazi Jewish men moved into Europe from the Middle East, and their marriage practices with European women. The origins of […]

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Gilad Japhet’s is Matching Holocaust Descendents with the Holocaust Victims Claims Conference List

Since the defeat of the Third Reich in 1945, Germany has compensated victims of the holocaust to the tune of about 92 billion dollars. A porton of the compensation was earmarked for the Conference on Jewish Material Claims against Germany. This is a private New York-based organization that works to secure restitution for survivors and […]

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Irish Jewish Gathering Begins Sunday, July 21, 2013

According to an article in, an Irish Jewish Gathering will begin today, July 21st, as part of Tourism Ireland’s year long initiative. The following excerpt is from the article. The Irish Times reports that Maurice Cohen, chairman of the Jewish Representative Council of Ireland, said they had “followed the call” and planned “to get […]

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Old Jewish Headstones Unburied at Vienna Cemetery

The following excerpt is from an article posted in the July 10, 2013 edition of Jewish gravestones unearthed at a small cemetery in Vienna were hailed on Wednesday as historically important cultural treasures that could rival the famed Jewish cemetery in Prague. Restoration work at the 16th century Seegasse cemetery has discovered 20 gravestones […]

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