Memorial Held for Napa Valley Historian, Kathy Kernberger

The following excerpt is from an extensive article about a memorial service held for the late Napa Valley historian, Kathy Kernberger.

At a Sunday memorial in the Fireside Room at St. Helena’s Seventh-day Adventist Church, Kathleen (Kathy) Kathy KernbergerKernberger, who succumbed to a lengthy illness late last year, took her place in Napa Valley history.

Well, that’s not quite accurate, because for a good many of her 58 years, Kernberger was already a part of local history — a very active part, as just about everyone in the wall-to-wall throng at Kernberger’s Fireside Room memorial understood. She was the quintessential historian. A founding board member of the fledgling St. Helena Historical Society in 2002. The co-author (with her husband, Dave) of a definitive historical picture book on the region. A first-rate researcher, collector, interpreter and writer of Valley history.

One of the people, Betty Studebaker, Kernberger’s fellow St. Helena Historical Society board member, quietly lamented how she was going to miss her as a resource for historical research.

“She wrote numerous articles for the society’s newsletter and newspapers,” Studebaker said, “and was always up to the challenge of writing another one.”

Read the full article, published in the February 12, 2009 edition of the St. Helena Star, about the memorial service held for Kathy Kernberger.

The following is excerpted from Kathy’s obituary (From the January 11, 2009 Napa Valley Register):

ST. HELENA – Longtime St. Helena resident and noted Napa County historian, Kathleen (Kathy) Kernberger, passed away Dec. 19, 2008, at St. Helena Hospital, after a long illness….

Besides teaching, Kathy’s main interests were Napa County historical research, collection and identification of old Napa County photographs, and making informative presentations of this history and these fascinating old photos. She also wrote several series of historical articles for various county newspapers. She and husband Dave wrote and published a historical photo book, “Mark Strong’s Napa Valley,” in 1978. She was a founding member of the St. Helena Historical Society in 2002. While growing up, she was very close to her aunt, Virginia Hanrahan, also a noted local historian in her time and a librarian at both the Veterans Home and the Napa County Library on Pearl Street, in Napa. Some of Virginia’s interests and abilities rubbed off on young Kathy. Kathy always claimed that history was only boring if it was just about dates. It became a fascinating subject, she believed, as soon as a person would begin to discover details of the lives of the people being studied.

Read the full obituary in the January 11, 2009 edition of the Napa Valley Register.

Click here to see a Letter to the Editor, printed in the February 5, 2009 edition of the St. Helena Star about the late Kathy Kernberger. Adds 987,415 U.S. Naturalization Records For California, New York & Pennsylvania

Naturalization Document from Ancestry.comJuliana Smith reported this week that had just posted an additional 987,415 U.S. Naturalization Records. The current update is made up of digitized original records from California, New York and Pennsylvania.

According to Juliana’s blog, “Ancestry released the images with a light index including name, state, record type, court type, court, court location, naturalization number, roll description and archive series.”

It is planned that the records will be further indexed using the World Archives Project. I think that’s a great idea. Kinda’ like we can have our cake and eat it too.

I searched for anyone with the surname of Canfield, and came up with 15 separate files. They ranged from as little as one page with fairly skimpy personal information to several pages with expensive data, depending whether they were Petition for Naturalizations or Declaration of Intentions – and the time period in which they were produced. Newer documents have a lot more information than those produced in the early years. These files can have all kinds of information about our ancestors, including birthdates, and places.

Search the U.S. Naturalization Records found at

New at Family Tree Connection

The following small databases have been recently posted at Family Tree Connection.


Mizpah Lodge No. 378, 1915 Roster – Mizpah Lodge No. 378 F. and A. M., Roster and By-Laws, 246 South Hill Street, Los Angeles, California.

Arcadia Lodge No. 547, 1929 Roster – Arcadia Lodge No. 547 F. and A. M., Masonic Temple, 135-E Huntington Drive, Arcadia, California. Officers and Members for 1929. Organized 1923.


District of Columbia Soldiers’ Home 1905 Report – Annual Report of the Board of Commissioners of the Soldiers’ Home, District of Columbia, And Report of the Annual Inspection of the Home by the Inspector-General of the Army. August, 15, 1905. Washington. Includes a Necrology.

District of Columbia Soldiers’ Home 1898 Report – Annual Report of the Board of Commissioners of the Soldiers’ Home, District of Columbia, And Report of the Annual Inspection of the Home by the Inspector-General of the Army. October, 25, 1898. Washington. Includes a Necrology.

District of Columbia Soldiers’ Home 1895 Report – Annual Report of the Board of Commissioners of the Soldiers’ Home, District of Columbia, And Report of the Annual Inspection of the Home by the Inspector-General of the Army. October, 19, 1895. Washington. Includes a Necrology.

District of Columbia Soldiers’ Home 1899 Report – Annual Report of the Board of Commissioners of the Soldiers’ Home, District of Columbia, And Report of the Annual Inspection of the Home by the Inspector-General of the Army. October, 21, 1899. Washington. Includes a Necrology.


Bradenton Tourist Club 1927-28 Year Book – Bradenton Tourist Club Year Book, 1927-1928, Florida. Includes membership by state.


Locomotive Firemen and Enginemen’s Magazine 1913 April – Brotherhood of Locomotive Firemen and Enginemen’s Magazine, Volume 54, Number 4, April 1913. Includes a detailed Statement of Death and Disability Claims. Indianapolis, Ind.


Bethany Chapter, No. 92, OES 1925 By-Laws – By-Laws and List of Members of Bethany Chapter, No. 92, Order of the Eastern Star of Unionville, Michigan. [Lists names only]


George Washington Lodge No. 9, 1909 Roster – Roster of George Washington Lodge No. 9, A. F. and A. M., St. Louis, Mo., Corinthian Hall, Masonic Temple. Chartered by the Grand Lodge of Missouri, 1849. July 15, 1909.


Montana State Orphans’ Home 1895 Report – Annual Report of the State Orphans’ Home of the State of Montana for the Year 1895. Twin Bridges, Montana, December 10th, 1895. Includes Names of Children Admitted and Employees.


New Jersey Department of Health 1917 Report – Forty-First Annual Report of the Department of Health of the State of New Jersey, 1917. Includes list of Licensed Health Officers and Sanitary Inspectors.


Univ. of Rochester 1897-8 Catalogue – Forty-Eighth Annual Catalogue of the University of Rochester, 1897-98. Rochester, N. Y.

Univ. of Rochester 1895-6 Catalogue – Forty-Sixth Annual Catalogue of the University of Rochester, 1895-96. Rochester, N. Y.

Univ. of Rochester 1893-4 Catalogue – Forty-Fourth Annual Catalogue of the University of Rochester, 1893-94. Rochester, N. Y.

Univ. of Rochester 1891-2 Catalogue – Forty-Second Annual Catalogue of the University of Rochester, 1891-92. Rochester, N. Y.

Fatherless Children of France 1917 Report – The Fatherless Children of France, Annual Report for Year Ending December 31, 1917. Executive Office, 665 Fifth Avenue, New York City. Includes list of Officers and Directors.


Locomotive Firemen and Enginemen’s Magazine 1916 April – Brotherhood of Locomotive Firemen and Enginemen’s Magazine, Volume 60, Number 4, April 1916. Includes a detailed Statement of Death and Disability Claims. Columbus, Ohio.

Locomotive Firemen and Enginemen’s Magazine 1916 January – Brotherhood of Locomotive Firemen and Enginemen’s Magazine, Volume 60, Number 1, January 1916. Includes a detailed Statement of Death and Disability Claims. Columbus, Ohio.

Homer Academy 1920-21 Catalogue – University of the State of New York, Homer Academy and Union School, One Hundred and First Year of Academy, Forty-Seventh Year of Union School. Annual Catalogue and Alumni Directory, 1920-1921, Homer, New York.

Locomotive Firemen and Enginemen’s Magazine 1914 August – Brotherhood of Locomotive Firemen and Enginemen’s Magazine, Volume 57, Number 2, August 1914. Includes a detailed Statement of Death and Disability Claims. Columbus, Ohio.

Western Reserve Academy 1887-8 Catalogue – Catalogue of Western Reserve Academy, Hudson, Ohio, 1887-88, Under the Direction of Western Reserve University.

Western Reserve College 1854-5 Catalogue – Catalogue of the Officers and Students of Western Reserve College, Hudson, Ohio, for the Academical Year 1854-5.

Marietta College 1846-7 Catalogue – Catalogue of the Officers and Students in Marietta College, 1846-7. Also includes listing for Marietta Academy.


Oregon Soldiers’ Home 1909-10 Report – Ninth Biennial Report of the Oregon Soldiers’ Home for the Years 1909-1910. Twenty-Sixth Legislative Assembly, Regular Session, 1911. Roseburg, Oregon, Nov. 30, 1910.


Columbus Lodge, No. 75 I.O.O.F. 1850 By-Laws – Constitution, By-Laws, &c., of Columbus Lodge No. 75, of the I. O. of O. F., Chambersburg, Pennsylvania. Instituted March the 31st, 1842. Revised September, 1850.

Doylestown Township 1920 Enrollment List – Enrollment List of All the Male Persons Subject to do Military Duty Residing in Doylestown Township, Bucks County, PA. for the Year A. D. 1920. [Handwritten Document]


Blackstone Academy 1913 Catalogue – Catalogue of Blackstone Academy, Blackstone, Virginia, 1913.


Ionic Lodge No. 90, 1922 Roster – Roster and By-Laws of Ionic Lodge No. 90 F. and A. M., Instituted October 14, 1892. Masonic Temple, Pine Street and Harvard Avenue, Seattle, Washington, 1922.


Asheboro St. School 1913 Photo of 4th Grade – 4th Grade 1913 Asheboro St. School. Miss Edna Gilliand, Teacher. This picture belongs to: Mr. A. A. Perkins. [Location of school unknown]

St. Nicholas League Prize Competitions (1916-1917) – Prize Competitions Nos. 201-206, extracted from St. Nicholas, An Illustrated Magazine for Boys and Girls, Volume XLIV, Part I, November, 1916, to April, 1917. The St. Nicholas League awards gold and silver badges each month for the best original poems, stories, drawings, photographs, puzzles and puzzle answers. Also, occasionally, cash prizes to Honor Members, when the contribution printed is of unusual merit.

SCGS Jamboree Speaker Line-up for 2009

I just received the following news release from Paula, Hinkel, co-chair of the upcoming Jamboree in Burbank.

The 40th Annual Genealogy Jamboree, hosted by thejamboreestar Southern California Genealogical Society, promises to be an exceptional event for genealogists of all experience levels. This year’s Jamboree will be held Friday through Sunday, June 26-28, 2009, at the Burbank Airport Marriott Hotel and Convention Center, in Burbank, California.

Jamboree will offer over 100 lecture sections over the three days, nearly 25% more sessions than were offered in 2008. “We will have sessions addressing research techniques for traditional brick-and-mortar record sources, digital resources, use of DNA in genealogy, organization, and several geography-specific sessions,” said Jamboree Co-Chair Leo Myers.

Myers continued, “Genealogists need to know the time-tested research skills that have been used in earlier generations. The thorough researcher will take advantage of the explosion of online, digital resources. Our lectures will address both needs.”

This is a year of collaboration with several leading genealogical organizations and societies. Jamboree will feature speakers and exhibitors from,, New England Historic Genealogical Society (NEHGS), the National Genealogical Society (NGS), the Federation of Genealogical Societies (FGS), and California State Genealogical Alliance (CSGA). Several Southern California societies will also be in attendance.

2009 Jamboree will focus on British Isles research (English, Irish, Scottish and Welsh) and the British Isles Family History Society will be participating. Addressing the special challenges of those with Irish ancestry are:
Feargal O’Donnell, Vice Chair of the Irish Family History Foundation, Manager of Armagh Ancestry and Managing Director of Genealogy Ireland, and David E. Rencher, AG, CG, FIGRS, FUGA, director of planning and coordination, Family History Department, in Salt Lake City.

Jamboree will feature nearly 50 lecturers, including:

Suzanne Russo Adams,
Elaine Alexander, author
Lisa Alzo, author and lecturer
Ron Arons, author and lecturer
Jana Broglin, CG, FGS and Ohio Genealogical Society
Tony Burroughs, FUGA, genealogist, author and lecturer
Bruce Buzbee, RootsMagic
Hailey Campbell, Kids Family History Camp
Starr Hailey Campbell, Kids Family History Camp
Chris Child, NEHGS
Lisa Louise Cooke, Genealogy Gems Podcast
Stephen Danko, Ph.D.,
Schelly Talalay Dardashti,
DearMYRTLE, popular blogger, podcaster, lecturer and author
William Dollarhide, noted genealogical author and lecturer
Arlene Eakle, Ph.D., FUGA,
Wendy Elliott, Ph.D., FUGA
Jim Ericson, World Vital Records
Anna Fechter,
Joy Fisher, USGenWeb
BennettGreenspan, FamilyTree DNA
Mike Hall,
Jean Wilcox Hibben, Ph.D.
Janet Hovorka, MLS, “The Chart Chick” and Generation Maps
Ivan C. Johnson, Ph.D., British Isles Family History Society
Thomas J. Kemp,
Michael Leclerc, NEHGS
Betty Malesky
Keith McCarty,
Leland Meitzler, Everton’s Genealogical Helper and FamilyRoots Publishing
Dennis Meldrum,
Michael Melendez, Kids Family History Camp
Cheri Mello
Julie Miller, CG, National Genealogical Society
George G. Morgan, The Genealogy Guys Podcast
Feargal O’Donnell, Irish Family History Foundation and Genealogy Ireland
Lynne Parmenter, SCGS Beginning Genealogy
Michelle Pfister,
Larry Proctor, Light Impressions
Geoffrey Rasmussen, Legacy Family Tree
David E. Rencher, AG, CG, FIGRS, FUGA
D. Brenton Simons, President and CEO of NEHGS
Drew Smith, MLS, The Genealogy Guys Podcast
Tim Sullivan, President and CEO of The Generations Network, parent company of
Maureen Taylor, the Photo Detective, author, blogger and lecturer
Cath Trindle, CG, FGS and the California State Genealogical Alliance
Beverly Truesdale, SCGS Beginning Genealogy
TomUnderhill, Creative Continuum
Marston Watson,
Peggy Wishon, British Isles Family History Society

Registration information for the 2009 Genealogy Jamboree will be available in the near future. For up-to-the-minute Jamboree information, subscribe to receive email updates on the GenealogyJamboree Blog at Your email address will not be used for purposes other than Jamboree and will not be shared or sold.

Sign up to receive your copy of the Jamboree program in snail mail here:

Mellon Foundation Grant Allows San Francisco to Save Its Ephemeral History.

San Francisco Public Library‘s history center, under the direction of city archivist Susan San Francisco Public LibraryGoldstein, with the help of 15 staffers, has tremendous project in preserving and cataloging the city’s history. The library has now won a grant from the Mellon Foundation. The grant is to preserve historical items originally intended to be thrown away. These items include old menus, theater programs, wine bottle labels, political flyers and such. All these items will become a part of the California Ephemera Project.

Stuff like the “hippies collection” and old Mayor’s letters may now get out of boxes and into a cataloged state where researchers can have better access to them.

The following is a teaser from a very good article on San Francisco’s “stuff,” by Heather Knight, published in the February 1, 2009 edition of the San Francisco Chronicle.

While the history center is located on the Main Library’s sixth floor, rows and rows of old documents – including voting records, marriage licenses and deeds – fill the giant space under Civic Center Plaza that was once a convention center but now serves as library storage.

In the middle of the massive room sits Phillip Adair, another researcher, who listens to music on his radio and hunches over obscure documents. That’s where he’s been working for two years on behalf of the Mormon church, diligently scanning records so church members and others can more easily track their genealogy.

Read the full article.

New Digitized and Indexed Records at FamilySearch

The following news release was just received from Paul Nauta, with FamilySearch:

30 January 2009 – Since the last update on January 5, 2009, FamilySearch added over 40 million new records to its Record Search pilot. Individuals with international roots from Argentina, Canada, Germany, Ireland, Germany, Netherlands, and the Philippines will find some nice surprises in the newly added collections.

Birth, marriage, and death records were added for the Netherlands and Ireland. Irish researchers in particular have been anxiously awaiting the 23 million records from the Irish Civil Registration indexes. These records date from 1845-1958 and are also known as the Statutory Registration Records. Statutory registration for Protestants began in 1845 and for Catholics in 1864.

Many thanks to the thousands of online FamilySearch Indexing volunteers who helped make these wonderful records available.

See the chart below for more details. The new records can be searched for free at (Click Search Records, then Record Search pilot).
New at Familysearch 01-31-09

New at – Indian Census Rolls – City Directories – Civil War Widows’ Pensions – Arkansas Civil War Service Records sent out an update today stating the new records that can be found at their site. The following items are new or updated for January. I added a listing of cities for which Footnote earlier posted city directories.

Indian Census Rolls, 1885 – 1940 57,865 images.

This title, NARA publication M595, consists of census rolls submitted annually by agents or superintendents of Indian reservations as required by an 1884 Act of Congress. Most rolls include the English and/or Indian name of the person, roll number, age or date of birth, sex, and relationship to head of family. Beginning in 1930 the rolls also show the degree of Indian blood, marital status, ward status, place of residence, and sometimes other information. Only persons who maintained a formal affiliation with a tribe under Federal supervision are listed on these census rolls. There is not a census for every reservation or group of Indians for every year. Some tribes, particularly those in the East, were never under Federal jurisdiction and therefore not included in this publication.

Civil War Widows Pensions These images are being obtained by scanning the original paper documents held at the National Archives. There are currently 129,934 indexed images posted online.

The files are grouped under the soldier’s name, but the widow’s name and names of minor children are listed on the first page within the pension file. A pensioner’s name (typically the widow’s) is searchable, often giving her maiden name as well. Case files include where and when a man served, details of his service, his life before the war, and his family, including information about his widow, children, and sometimes his parents. These files are unfilmed textual records.

City Directories

  • San Francisco, California
  • Newark, New Jersey
  • Baltimore, Maryland
  • Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

These directories now join others from:

  • Boston, Massachusetts
  • Chicago, Illinois
  • Cincinnati, Ohio
  • Cleveland, Ohio
  • Detroit, Michigan
  • Ft. Wayne, Indiana
  • New York, New York
  • Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
  • St. Louis, Missouri
  • Washington, D.C.
  • Misc…

Civil War Union Soldier Service Records – Arkansas – 30,560 images

Compiled service records typically contain card abstracts of a soldier’s original muster and hospital rolls, descriptive books, lists of deserters, returns, notational cards, and possibly enlistment papers, casualty sheets, death reports, prisoner of war papers, and correspondence.

Civil War Confederate Soldier Service Records – Arkansas – 19,522 images.

These records contain card abstracts of entries relating to each soldier as found in original muster rolls, returns, rosters, payrolls, appointment books, hospital registers, Union prison registers and rolls, parole rolls, and inspection reports. They may also contain the originals of any papers relating solely to a particular soldier. Browse by military unit, then name of soldier, or use the search box related to this title.

Now get on over to and find your ancestors!

Stories Needed for Volume 2 of “San Jacinto Valley – Past and Present”

The Hemet-San Jacinto Genealogical Society has extended its story deadline for Volume 2 of San Jacinto Valley – Past and Present.

The genealogical society is requesting families’ stories, no matter how long the families may have lived in the area. FREE Submissions can be up to two pages with one-inch borders, double spaced, with one picture. Additional lines are only 40 cents each, and additional pictures $6 each. If a family lived in the San Jacinto Valley for several generations, they can submit separate stories using the same guidelines.

The deadline for residents to submit their stories is Wednesday, January 28, so hurry!

For further information, see the article in the January 23 edition of the Valley Chronicle or call Mary Allred, history book director, at 915-658-6153.

Jamboree Speakers Announced

My copy of the Southern California Genealogical Society’s periodical, The Searcher, arrived today. Included in the SCGS Newsjamboreestar1 was a listing of the speakers for the upcoming Jamboree (June 26-28, 2009).

The following speakers are scheduled for the conference:

  • Lisa Alzo
  • Jana Broglin, CG
  • Tony Burroughs, FUGA
  • Bruce Buzbee (Roots Magic)
  • Starr Campbell
  • Christopher Child (NEHGS)
  • Lisa Louise Cooke
  • Stephan Danko, PhD
  • William Dollarhide
  • Arlene Eakle, PhD, FUGA
  • Wendy Bebout Elliot, PhD
  • Colleen Fitzpatrick, PhD
  • Jean Wilcox Hibben, PhD
  • Janet Hovorka, MLS
  • Tom Kemp (GenealogyBank)
  • Michael LeClerc (NEHGS)
  • Betty Malesky
  • Leland K. Meitzler (yes – that’s me)
  • Cheri Mello
  • George G. Morgan
  • Geoff Rasmussen (Legacy Family Tree)
  • David Rencher, AG, CG, FIGRS, FUGA
  • Pat Richley (DearMyrtle)
  • Beau Sharbrough (Footnote)
  • D. Brenton Simmons (NEHGS)
  • Drew Smith, MLS
  • Tim Sullivan (CEO, The Generations Network)
  • Maureen Taylor
  • Cath Trindle, CG
  • Marston Watson

There’s also the good possibility that Eileen O’Duill, CG, and her husband, Sean O’Duill, from Ireland, will join us, and speak on Irish genealogy at the Jamboree.

Now – that’s about as good a line-up of speakers as I’ve ever seen! Check out the Jamboree blog. I’m looking forward to visiting with many of you at the Jamboree this next June!

Halstead Mortuary (San Francisco) Record Images Online

DearMyrtle reported this morning that the Halstead Mortuary Records form 1923 to 1960 have been posted online by The mortuary records were posted by sfgenealogy, with Researchity holding the copyright. The 1961 through 1974 records are now being indexed, and they are looking for volunteers. Records from 1975 are held by the funeral home, and will not be online in the foreseeable future.

I did a search on the surname, Canfield, and got 8 hits on four different people. Their deaths were 1931 through 1961. Following is a screen shot of the hits.


Clicking on image 9909 for George Wallace Canfield, I got the following digital image. It is fairly light onscreen and I’ve added contrast with Photoshop Elements to make it more legible. I recommend doing this with any of your documents that are difficult to read, prior to filing them electronically.


This is a wonderful resource for San Francisco researchers. Search for your San Francisco ancestors in the online Halstead Mortuary records.

Los Angeles Times Obituary Index Now Online

The Southern California Genealogical Society has added a valuable database to its website, The database is a fully-searchable index of decedent names listed in obituaries and death notices published in the Los Angeles Times. The database currently covers the years 1988 through 1993 plus 1995, and eventually will be expanded to include a 20-year index. In addition to the standard obituaries and death notices, the index includes entries for In Memoriam, Cards of Thanks, Funeral Notices, etc. The online obituary index provides the name and year the notice was printed.

The online index is available for use by all researchers at no charge. Individuals interested in obtaining a copy of the actual obituary or death notice can contact the Research Department of the Southern California Genealogical Society and request a copy for a nominal fee. See: