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The following news about Family Search Indexing was just received from Paul Nauta:

Significant updates were made recently to the FamilySearch Indexing application and Web site. Batch Sharing seems to be the familysearchindexinglogo2most popular of the new features. Following are brief descriptions of the updates:

Batch Sharing. This exciting new feature appeals to indexers who enjoy online social networking capability. It allows two volunteers (indexers or arbitrators) to collaborate on a batch. Both indexers can view the same batch, and using the indexers’ preferred instant messaging tool or phone, they can discuss and index the batch together. One indexer will have read-write capability and the other will have read only.

Tip of the Day. A dialog box will greet indexers when they sign in to the indexing application. Best practices and other quick time saving tools will be shared.

Project Selection Dialog Box. This feature (which appears when you click the Download From… button) will have the option to show all projects or only those that match an indexer’s preferences. It will also display the difficulty level of each project.

Fields Marked for Review. Indexers can choose to display either a red wavy line or colored background in fields marked for review. The color and transparency of the background can also be changed.

Image Type. This will now be the first field in every batch. Indexer will select the description of each image (Normal, Blank, or Duplicate) from the list provided.

Header Data Tab. A new tab in the data entry area will enable indexers to enter information that applies to an entire document just once. Not all batches will include this tab. It will open first when a batch is downloaded.

New Icons. The icons used to mark a field or record “unreadable” will have a blue question mark on them instead of a red slash.
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New Indexing Projects

New indexing projects added this week are:

  • Argentina Censo 1869—Santiago y Santa Fe
  • Australia, Greenwich—Genealogical Records, 1776–1980
  • Australia, NSW—Bounty Immigrants, 1824–1842 (This is a regional project.)
  • U.K., Cheshire Parish Records [Part 2], 1538-1850
  • Pennsylvania—1920 U.S. Federal Census

(See the chart below for a complete list and current status of all indexing projects).

Recently Completed Projects
(Note: Recently completed projects have been removed from the available online indexing batches and will now go through a final completion check process in preparation for future publication.)
Argentina Censo 1869—Corrientes y Entre Rios
Canada, British Columbia Births, 1854–1903
UK, Cheshire—Land Tax, 1778–1832· Illinois, Cook County Birth Certificates, 1916–1922 [Part 1]

United States

  • Mississippi—1920 U.S. Federal Census
  • Rhode Island—1920 U.S. Federal Census
  • Vermont—1920 U.S. Federal Census

FamilySearch Indexing-1


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Recently Completed and Current FamilySearch Indexing Projects

The following are three data sets are recently completed projects that have been removed from the available online indexing batches and will now go through a FamilySearch Indexing Update final completion check process in preparation for future publication:

  • Argentina Censo 1869—Catamarca y La Rioja
  • Minnesota—1920 U.S. Federal Census
  • Minnesota Probate Court Wills 1849–1918

Current FamilySearch Indexing Projects, Record Language, & Percent Completion:


  • Argentina, Buenos Aires 1855 Census; Spanish; 28%
  • Argentina Censo 1869—Corrientes y Entre Rios; Spanish; 87%
  • Argentina Censo 1869—Jujuy Salta Tucuman; Spanish; New
  • Austria, Wiener Meldezettel, 1890–1925; German; 1%
  • Belgium, Antwerp Foreigners Index, 1840–1930; Dutch, Flemish; 36%
  • Canada, British Columbia Births, 1854–1903; English; New
  • France Registres Protestants, 1612–1906 [Part 1]; French,; New
  • France Registres Protestants, 1612–1906 [Part 2]; French; New
  • France, Coutances, Paroisses de la Manche, 1792–1906; French; New
  • France, Paroisses de Cherbourg, 1802–1907; French; New
  • France, Paroisses de Coutances, 1802–1907; French; New
  • France, Paroisses de Saint-Lo, 1802–1907; French; New
  • Germany, Brandenburg Kirchenbücher, 1789–1875; German; 61%
  • Germany, Mecklenburg 1890 Volkszählung, Div 24–38; German; 12%
  • Italy, Trento Baptism Records, 1784–1924; Italian; 75%
  • Mexico, Censo de 1930—Sinaloa; Spanish; 95%
  • Mexico, Censo de 1930—Tamaulipas; Spanish; 54%
  • Mexico, Censo de 1930—Yucatan; Spanish; 16%
  • Nicaragua, Managua Civil Records, 1879–Present; Spanish; 44%*
  • Peru, Lima—Registros Civiles, 1910–1930; Spanish; 24%
  • Russia, St. Petersburg Kirchenbuchduplikat, 1833–1885; German; 1%
  • Spain, Avila, Moraleja de Matacabras, 1540–1904; Spanish; 19%
  • Spain, Lugo—Registros Parroquiales [Part 1], 1530–1930; Spanish; 18%
  • U.K., Cheshire—Land Tax, 1778–1832; English; 92%
  • U.K., Warwickshire Parish Registers, 1538–Present; English; 1%
  • Ukraine, Kyiv, 1840–1842; Russian; 17%
  • Venezuela, Mérida Registros Parroquiales. 1654–1992; Spanish; 15%


  • Arkansas County Marriages VI, 1837–1957; English; 15%
  • Arkansas County Marriages V, 1837–1957; English; 93%
  • Illinois, Cook County Birth Certificates, 1916–1922 [Part 1]; English; 83%
  • Indiana, Adams County Marriages, 1811–1959; English; 3%
  • Indiana, Allen County Marriages, 1811–1959; English; 4%
  • Indiana, Blackford County Marriages 1811–1959; English; 24%
  • Mississippi—1920 U.S. Federal Census; English; 67%
  • New York 1905 State Census; English; 13%
  • North Dakota—1920 U.S. Federal Census; English; New
  • South Carolina—1920 U.S. Federal Census; English; New

*Percentage refers to a specific portion of a larger project.

Current FamilySearch Partner Projects, Record Language, & Percent Completion


  • Belgique—Registres Des Décès—En Français, 1796–1910; French; 21%*
  • Belgique— Registres Des Décès—Charleroi, 1851–1900; French; 21%
  • België—Overlijdens Registers—In het Nederlands, 1796–1910; Dutch, Flemish; 84%*
  • België—Overlijdens Registers—Kalmthout, 1851–1900; Dutch, Flemish; 17%
  • België—Overlijdens Registers—Mechelen, 1851–1900; Dutch, Flemish; 6%
  • Canada – Nova Scotia, Antigonish Church Records, 1823–1905; English; 81%
  • Flanders Death Registration, 1796–1900; French, Dutch, Flemish 79%*
  • Germany – Bremer Schifflisten, 1904–1914; German; 53%
  • Norway 1875 Census [Part 1]; Norwegian; 31%


  • Arkansas Marriages IV, 1837–1957; English; 31%
  • Indiana Marriages, 1882 to April 1905; Englsih; 89%
  • Ohio Tax Records—2 of 4, Post 1825; Englsih; 76%
  • Ohio Tax Records—3 of 4, Post 1825; English; New
  • Vermont Militia Records, 1861–1867; English; 39%

*Percentage refers to a specific portion of a larger project.

Current FamilySearch Regional Projects, Record Language, & Percent Completion
(These projects are being indexed by volunteers in specific areas of the world.)

  • Australia, Sydney Cemetery Inscriptions, 1800–1960; English; 4%
  • Australia, Victoria Probate Records, 1853–1989; English; 63%
  • Canada, British Columbia Marriages, 1859–1932; English; 5%
  • Canada, Quebec—Trois-Rivières IC, 1800–1900; French; 48%

Thanks to Paul Nauta for the above data.

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New Indexing Projects at FamilySearch Indexing

Eleven new indexing projects were added this week, most of them international. Five of the projects are birth, familysearchindexinglogomarriage, and death records for France.

New indexing projects added this week were:

Argentina Censo 1869—Jujuy Salta Tucuman
Canada, British Columbia Births, 1854–1903
France, Paroisses de Cherbourg, 1802–1907
France, Paroisses de Saint-Lo, 1802–1907
France, Paroisses de Coutances, 1802–1907
France Registres Protestants, 1612–1906 [Part 1]
France Registres Protestants, 1612–1906 [Part 2]

Indiana, Blackford County Marriages 1811–1959
North Dakota—1920 U.S. Federal Census
Ohio Tax Records—3 of 4, Post 1825
South Carolina—1920 U.S. Federal Census

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Thanks to Paul Nauta for the above data.

Ontario Adoption Records to Open on June 1

On the first of June, Ontario will join the other Canadian Provinces of Alberta, British Columbia, Labrador, and Newfoundland in opening their adoption records. Although the government has given adoptees as well as birth parents the ability to opt-out of having their records disclosed, thus far only about 2500 (equally split between birth parents and adoptees) have done so.

As of April, nearly 1,100 people had requested “no contact,” while over 1,500 had requested conditions to any reunion. However, the vast majority seem willing to allow reunions to happen.

The new law gives both sides of an adoption equal access to birth information for the 250,000 adoptions registered in Ontario since 1921.

For more information, see Erin Anderson’s article in the May 27, 2009 edition of the Globe and Mail.

Note that Manitoba is considering following in Ontario’s footsteps on the issue. Although their adoption records are open from 1999, earlier records are more difficult to obtain. See the short article and audio file on the CJOB radio website.

All Kinds of Cool New Stuff Happening at FamilySearch Indexing!

familysearch-logo-4-7-091 There are many new, upcoming, and completed indexing projects to report in this update from Paul Nauta, with FamilySearch. Twelve of the projects below are new (see Current Projects). Included are three Belgian and two Argentina projects. The New York 1892 State Census project is exciting! New York has some of the best state censuses and it’s great to see them indexed and digitized!


  • Arkansas County Marriages V – English – 20% complete
  • Illinois, Cook County Birth Registers – English – (New)


  • Missouri–1920 US Federal Census – English – (New)
  • Nevada–1920 US Federal Census – English – 89% complete
  • New Mexico–1920 US Federal Census – English – 75% complete


  • Minnesota 1895 State Census – English – 74% complete
  • New York 1892 State Census – English – (New) complete
  • Rhode Island 1925 State Census – English- (New) complete


  • Argentina, Buenos Aires 1855 Census – Spanish – (New)
  • Argentina Censo 1869–Catamarca y La Rioja – Spanish – (New)
  • Argentina Censo 1869–Corrientes y Entre Rios – Spanish – 44% complete


  • Australia NSW Newspaper Cuttings – English – 88% complete


  • Belgium–Antwerp Foreigners Index – Dutch, Flemish – 27% complete


  • Brandenburg Kirchenbücher – German – 49% complete


  • España, Lugo–Registros Parroquiales [Part 1] – Spanish – 16% complete
  • España, Ávila–Registros Parroquiales – Spanish – 78% complete


  • France, Coutances, Paroisses de la Manche – French – 9% complete


  • St Petersburg Church Records 1833-1885 – German – 1% complete


  • Italy, Trento Baptism Records, 1784-1924 – Italian – 60% complete


  • Mexico Censo de 1930–Sinaloa Spanish – (New)
  • Mexico Censo de 1930–Sonora – Spanish – 88%
  • Mexico Censo de 1930–Tabasco – Spanish – 70% complete
  • Mexico Censo de 1930–Tamaulipas – Spanish – (New)


  • Nicaragua, Managua Civil Records – Spanish – 13% complete


  • Norway 1875 Census part 1 -Norwegian – 10% complete


  • Perú, Lima–Registros Civiles – Spanish – 10% complete


  • UK, Cheshire–Land Tax – English – 58% complete
  • UK, Cheshire–School Records – English – 44% complete


  • Ukraine Kyiv 1840-1842 – Russian – 10% complete


  • Venezuela Mérida Registros Parroquiales – Spanish – 1% complete



  • Arkansas Marriages IV – English – (New)
  • Indiana Marriages, 1882 to Apr 1905 – English – 82% complete
  • Indiana Marriage Returns, 1882 to April 1905 – English – 31% complete
  • Ohio Tax Records–2 of 4 – English – 71% complete
  • Vermont Militia Records – English – 37% complete


  • Australia–Victoria Probate Records – English – 31% complete


  • Belgique–Registres des Décès – Charleroi 1851-1900 – Dutch, Flemish – (New)
  • Belgique–Registres Des Décès (Français) – French – 21% complete
  • België–Overlijdens Registers–In het Nederlands – Dutch, Flemish – 74% complete
  • België–Overlijdens Registers–Kalmthout 1851-1900 – Dutch, Flemish (New) complete
  • België–Overlijdens Registers–Mechelen 1851-1900 – Dutch, Flemish (New) complete


  • Bremer, Schifflisten – German – 42% complete


  • Flanders Death Registration – French, Dutch, Flemish – 76% complete


  • Nova Scotia, Antigonish Church Records – English – 72% complete

These projects are currently being created. Dates when indexing is scheduled to begin will vary.


  • Arkansas Marriages VI
  • Arkansas Marriages VII
  • Chicago Archdiocese Cemetery Records 1 (1864-1989)
  • Freedmen Marriages
  • Illinois, Cook County Birth Certificates 1
  • Indiana, Allen County Marriages 1811-1959


  • Australia, Bounty Immigrants, 1824-1842
  • Australia, Greenwich, Genealogical Records


  • Austria, Vienna Population Cards


  • Brazil, Pernambuco Civil Register 1900-1920
  • Brazil, Rio de Janeiro Marriages 1900-1920


  • Canada, British Columbia Birth 1854-1903
  • Canada, British Columbia Marriages


  • Czech, Litomerice Church Records – Part 1 1552-1905


  • Germany, Baden Church Books 1810-1869
  • Germany, Mecklenburg 1890 Census


  • Jamaica, Trelawny Births


  • Peru, Lima Civil Register Index 1910-1930

These projects have been removed from the available online indexing batches and will now go through a final completion check process in preparation for future publication.


  • Arkansas Marriages III
  • Michigan–1920 US Federal Census
  • New Brunswick 1871 Census
  • New Hampshire–1920 US Federal Census
  • New Jersey–1920 US Federal Census
  • Rhode Island 1915 State Census


  • Argentina 1869 Census–Cordoba y San Luis


  • Nayarit–Censo de Mexico de 1930


  • Nova Scotia–1871 Census
  • Ontario–1861 Census


  • UK – Cheshire Parish Registers part 1

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