LifePosts – a website where you can tell the story of family & friends


I began writing at the LifePosts website this morning. LifePosts is a new site, with absolutely wonderful story-telling tools. I found it very simple to quickly tell the story of my sister’s wedding, which took place in November of 1953. That’s most likely my earliest memory. Now I need to find the pictures, and add them. I’m sure they’ve been digitized, but it looks like they were never captioned.

According to the site, “LifePosts’ mission is to ensure that every person’s life story can be beautifully told, vividly celebrated, and preserved.

“LifePosts’ easy-to-use storytelling tools enable you to create beautiful memorials, birthday celebrations, and digital keepsakes for all of life’s important milestones.”

The site is built on Four Pillars:

  • Create
  • Collaborate
  • Share
  • Preserve

At the moment, all entry is free – and the posts will stay up forever. It’s also backed up at the Internet Archives. At some point in the future, there will be a fee structure of some kind, but that hasn’t been worked out yet.

I love the site. Check it out.

Digital NC Posts two digitized Sylva, N.C. Newspapers

The following teaser is from the Digital North Carolina Blog:


We’re pleased to welcome a new partner, Jackson County Public Library, from Sylva, N.C.! Thanks to the library, DigitalNC has recently made available issues of two area newspapers: the Jackson County Journal (Sylva, N.C.) and The Sylva Herald and Ruralite.

Here you can find issues of the Jackson County Journal ranging from 1923-1942. The final few years in this selection are dominated by World War II-related items, such as local men enlisting as soldiers, or Sylva groups’ contributions to the war effort. Town obituaries and events also make up the mix…

Read the full article.

Thanks to ResearchBuzz for the heads-up.

Ancestry Day in Washington State, Sept. 23-24, 2016

The following is from the Washington State Library blog:


Join Ancestry, Washington State Archives, Washington State Library, Legacy Washington and the Washington State Historical Society as they present Ancestry Day in Washington State, Sept 23-24, 2016. Both novice and experienced genealogists are welcome at this event. Registration for the Ancestry Day on Saturday, Sept 24 is $35.00 and includes admission to all Saturday classes presented by Ancestry. Lunch tickets can be purchased for an additional $15.00, which includes a box lunch and the lunch speaker.

Special presentations will be offered by the Washington State Historical Society and the Washington State History Museum on Friday, Sept. 23, for $15.00. These are limited to the first 225 participants that register for Saturday.

Read the full blog.

Get the details and register for the event.

RootsTech Startup Weekend: Riverton, Utah August 25-27 – Get 30% Off!

The following is from RootsTech:


Want an advantage at the next RootsTech Showdown?

This week ONLY! Use promo code SWROOTS when you sign up for Startup Weekend Riverton, and get 30% off! RootsTech is hosting a family history edition of Startup Weekend on August 25–27, 2016—a 2-day hack-a-thon for developers, entrepreneurs, and designers! Put ideas into action, and be part of actually building the foundation of a startup—all during this fast-paced 54-hour event. We hope projects that start here will make their way to the $100,000 RootsTech Showdown in 2017. Get started today!


Start-Up Weekend Riverton is sponsored by Grow Utah, ancestorcloud, Durham Jones & Pinegar, findmypast, and DevMountain.

Maine State Library to Digitize Historic Maine Newspapers

The following excerpt is from the August 15, 2016 edition of


The Maine State Library in Augusta has received a $275,000 federal grant from the National Endowment for the Humanities to digitize over 100,000 pages of historical Maine newspapers.

Any Maine newspaper printed prior to 1923 could be included in the project provided that the master microfilm is available for imaging. Newspapers printed between 1923 and 1962 may also be eligible for digitization if the publisher is willing to provide a waiver of copyright to permit the content to be imaged and shared.

Read the full article.

Thanks to ResearchBuzz for the heads-up.

Two Free Week-Long Online Seminars Available Starting Monday From FamilySearch

The following announcement was received from Raymon Naisbitt, AG® at FamilySearch International:

The Family History Library is hosting two free week-long research seminars that will also be hosted live as free online webinars.

  • Next week, Aug 22nd-26th there will be 19 classes/webinars offered on United States Research
  • From Sept 12-16th there will be 24 classes/webinars offered on research in Europe.

Register for free at
Or go to and type “classes and webinars.”

New & Updated Databases Posted FamilySearch: August 15, 2016

The following is from FamilySearch:


New Collections Update: Week of August 15, 2016

SALT LAKE CITY, UT — The past two weeks have brought a few new large indexed collections, including New York passenger lists, English parish registers, and United States muster rolls, plus images and indexes from the Czech Republic, Peru, Norway, Portugal, and the United States. See the interactive table below for these and more historic records added this week at Join our online indexing volunteers anytime and help make more of these exciting collections discoverable to more people. Find out how at


Czech Republic Land Records 1450-1889 – 0 – 853,178 – Added images to an existing collection

Czech Republic Church Books 1552-1963 – 31,206 – 0 – Added indexed records to an existing collection

Czech Republic School Registers 1799-1953 – 0 – 1,041,753 – Added images to an existing collection

England Sussex Parish Registers 1538-1910 – 1,223,484 – 0 – Added indexed records to an existing collection

Norway Probate Index Cards 1640-1903 – 194,981 – 0 – New indexed records collection

Peru Cusco Civil Registration 1889-1997 – 78,283 – 0 – Added indexed records to an existing collection

Peru La Libertad Civil Registration 1903-1998 – 0 – 761 – Added images to an existing collection

Portugal Porto Catholic Church Records 1535-1949 – 34,701 – 0 – Added indexed records to an existing collection


Arizona County Marriages 1871-1964 – 72,804 – 0 – Added indexed records to an existing collection

Illinois DeKalb County Land Records 1838-1927 – 57,179 – 0 – Added indexed records to an existing collection

Michigan Obituaries 1820-2006 – 152,033 – 0 – Added indexed records to an existing collection

Minnesota Clay County School Census Records 1909-1962 – 296,251 – 0 – Added indexed records to an existing collection

New Hampshire Vital and Town Records Index 1656-1938 – 442,376 – 0 – New indexed records collection

New Jersey, State Census, 1855 – 73,030 – 0 – Added indexed records to an existing collection

New York Book Indexes to Passenger Lists 1906-1942 – 5,487,573 – 0 – Added indexed records to an existing collection

Utah Tremonton and Garland Obituaries 1959-2013 – 18,360 – 0 – Added indexed records to an existing collection

District of Columbia Freedmen’s Bureau Field Office Records 1863-1872 – 90,597 – 0 – Added indexed records to an existing collection

United States Freedmen’s Bureau Records of Freedmen’s Complaints 1865- 1872 – 140,985 – 209,817 – New indexed records and images collection

United States Freedmen’s Bureau Ration Records 1865-1872 – 154,587 – 97,567 – New indexed records and images collection

United States Freedmen’s Bureau Records of the Superintendent of Education and of the Division of Education 1865-1872 – 145,374 – 0 – Added indexed records to an existing collection

United States Muster Rolls of the Marine Corps 1798-1937 – 4,091,420 – 0 – Added indexed records to an existing collection

Searchable historic records are made available on through the help of thousands of volunteers from around the world. These volunteers transcribe (index) information from digital copies of handwritten records to make them easily searchable online. More volunteers are needed (particularly those who can read foreign languages) to keep pace with the large number of digital images being published online at Learn more about volunteering to help provide free access to the world’s historic genealogical records online at

FamilySearch is the largest genealogy organization in the world. FamilySearch is a nonprofit, volunteer-driven organization sponsored by The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. Millions of people use FamilySearch records, resources, and services to learn more about their family history. To help in this great pursuit, FamilySearch and its predecessors have been actively gathering, preserving, and sharing genealogical records worldwide for over 100 years. Patrons may access FamilySearch services and resources for free at or through more than 4,921 family history centers in 129 countries, including the main Family History Library in Salt Lake City, Utah.

NGS Announces a New Course in its American Genealogical Studies Series: Branching Out

The following is from the National Genealogical Society:


ARLINGTON, VA, 16 August 2016 — The National Genealogical Society (NGS) announces the release of Branching Out, the newest online, cloud-based learning course in the American Genealogical Studies (AGS) series. Branching Out is comprised of five modules on topics designed to enhance genealogical research skills of both family historians and those interested in pursuing careers as professional genealogists.

“Cemeteries, Tombstones, and Funeral Homes” introduces the family historian to the various types of cemeteries (i.e., public and church owned), provides resources for finding cemeteries, and discusses source records including registers, deeds, plat maps, mortuary records, monument maker’s records, etc. “Religious Records” offers a comprehensive review of religious records such as baptisms, confirmations, and bar/bat mitzvahs as well as membership, business, and ministerial records. This module also delves more deeply into records of ten selected religions. “Newspaper Research” covers the basics but then expands into a discussion of ethnic language, labor, occupational, political, and religious newspapers. Students learn how to find newspapers in libraries, archives, at genealogical and historic societies, and on the internet, and how to delve into the information found in obituaries, reports of military actions, and legal announcements to advance their research. “Research in the Courthouse – Probate Records” teaches how to mine valuable information from wills, codicils, property appraisals, estate sales, and more, which researchers can find in courthouses, libraries, colleges, historic societies, and online. “Research in the Courthouse – Deeds” explores finding and analyzing various types of land records such as warranty, quitclaim, and deeds of trust as well as bills of sales, dower releases, indentures, marriage contracts, and much more.

Each module of the series contains course readings, lessons, quizzes, and assignments tailored to help you hone your skills as you increase your proficiency in reading, transcribing, deciphering, and citing numerous genealogical documents.

AGS series is designed to systemically help those interested in delving deeper into their roots and build on their genealogical research knowledge. As such, students must have successfully completed prerequisite courses. For more information and to sign up, go to American Genealogical Studies: Branching Out.

Founded in 1903, the National Genealogical Society is dedicated to genealogical education, exemplary standards of research, and the preservation of genealogical records. The Arlington, Virginia, based nonprofit is the premier national society for everyone, from the beginner to the most advanced family historian, seeking excellence in publications, educational offerings, and guidance in research. It also offers many opportunities to interact with other genealogists. Please visit the NGS Pressroom for further information.

FGS Announces Upcoming National Conferences in 2019 & 2020

The following News Release is from FGS:


Upcoming FGS National Genealogy and Family History Conferences To Be Held August 21-24, 2019,​ in Washington, D.C. and September 2-5, 2020​,​ in Kansas City, Missouri

August 16, 2016 – Austin, TX. The Federation of Genealogical Societies (FGS) announces the FGS 2019 National Conference will be held August 21-24 in Washington, D.C., and the FGS 2020 National Conference will be held September 2-5 in Kansas City, Missouri.

“We are extremely excited for all our upcoming conferences and look forward to visiting Washington, D.C., and Kansas City in future years,” says FGS President D. Joshua Taylor. “From 2016 to 2020, our conference venues are steeped in both history and research resources and make perfect settings for genealogists and family historians.”

This announcement extends the upcoming FGS conferences schedule to the year 2020 and includes:

· FGS 2016 National Conference and 40th Anniversary in Springfield, Illinois

· FGS 2017 National Conference in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

· FGS 2018 National Conference in Ft. Wayne, Indiana

· FGS 2019 National Conference in Washington, D.C.

· FGS 2020 National Conference in Kansas City, Missouri

Each conference will be joined and hosted by a local genealogical organization. The Illinois State Genealogical Society will welcome FGS this year in Springfield and the Western Pennsylvania Genealogical Society in 2017. Local hosts for future conferences will be announced at a later date.

Currently, registration is still open for the FGS 2016 National Conference “Time Travel: Centuries of Memories” to be held August 31-September 3, 2016, in Springfield, Illinois. Register at and help celebrate our 40th Anniversary in the Land of Lincoln.

About the Federation of Genealogical Societies (FGS)

The Federation of Genealogical Societies (FGS) was founded in 1976 and empowers the genealogical and family history community, especially its societies and organizations, by advocating for the preservation and access of records and providing resources that enable genealogical organizations to succeed in pursuing their missions. FGS helps genealogical societies and family history enthusiasts alike to strengthen and grow through online resources, FGS FORUM magazine, and through its annual national conference which provides four days of excellent learning opportunities for both societies and family history enthusiasts. To learn more about FGS visit To learn more about the next annual conference to be held in Springfield, Illinois, visit Also, find FGS on Facebook, on Twitter @FGSgenealogy and on the FGS Voice blog at

Interactive Map of Historic Properties in England – Including London

The following excerpt comes from an article posted some time ago, and updated in June. If you have English heritage, this may be of interest to you.


English Heritage have put together an interactive map of all listed buildings in England. London is peppered with thousands of historic properties, including many unexpected entries in residential areas.

Read the full article.

Thanks to ResearchBuzz for the heads-up.

It’s Time to Repaint & Refresh!

This is partly personal – and is meant to explain why you may not hear a lot from Patty and I for a few days.

Update 9:30 a.m. PDT Aug 18: The two back bedrooms are repainted, as well as the main bath and the hallway. Now to unmask, put closet shelves and such back in place – and move on to the living room painting.

We’ve decided that since new carpet will be laid throughout our entire house in September, that we’d get right after it and repaint the interior of our house besides. We moved furniture and did a lot of masking on Sunday – with much more left to do. I have an idea that the project will most likely take a week to 10 days.

If you need to reach me immediately, you may call me on my cell phone at 801-949-7259. Calling the business phone will most likely just go to voice mail – so don’t plan to do that!

Orders placed online for Family Roots Publishing products will continue to be filled by staff, so we don’t expect any slow-up in filling orders, which is currently taking about 48 to 72 hours, dependent on what time of day the orders come in.

Thanks for you patience and understanding.

400,000 Records Kept by UW-Madison Libraries to be made Available Thru the Digital Public Library of America

The following excerpt is from the August 8, 2016 edition of the Wisconsin State Journal.

About 400,000 records kept by UW-Madison Libraries will be available online to students, genealogists and researchers as part of a nationwide digital collection.

The university announced Monday that photographs, books, maps and other historical documents from more than 200 Wisconsin collections will be made available through the Digital Public Library of America (DPLA). UW’s submissions will join more than 13 million records accessible through the website from about 1,900 libraries across the U.S.

Read the full article.

Thanks to ResearchBuzz for the heads-up.

Service Announcement for the ScotlandsPeople Website

The following announcement was received from ScotlandsPeople:


We are writing to let you know that the ScotlandsPeople website will be unavailable from Wednesday 7 September 2016 at 23.59 (BST). This is due to essential planned work which is taking place over this time. The work is expected to be completed and service resumed by Monday 12 September 2016. Please check Facebook or Twitter for updates.

Customers visiting The ScotlandsPeople Centre in Edinburgh or using one of the local family history centres will be able to access records as normal on Thursday 8 and Friday 9 September 2016.

Online Guide to Steamboat Image Collection Posted by Tulane University

The following excerpt is from an article posted at the Tulane University website August 11, 2016.


The Louisiana Research Collection (LaRC) at Tulane University has made accessible to the public a new online guide to the Steamboat Image Collection.

The collection, made up of more than 60 linear feet, preserves thousands of images of riverboats including sternwheelers, sidewheelers, tugs, packets, showboats, and more.

“People from around the world can now search our online index to find out what images we preserve,” said Lee Miller, head of the LaRC.

Miller hopes to one day digitize the images so that they can be accessed remotely.

The images document all stages of the steamboats’ production —from construction to wreckage —providing a fascinating view of the country’s steamboat era in the 19th and early 20th centuries.

It is one of the larger collections of steamboat images in the world and was purchased for Tulane by the Joseph Merrick and Eugenie Penick Jones Foundation in 1966 from the estate of Capt. Donald T. Wright, editor and publisher of the Waterways Journal.

Read the full article.

Thanks to ResearchBuzz for the heads-up.

Montreat College Student Newspapers 1937-2016 Posted to DigitalNC

The following excerpt if from an article posted to the Digital North Carolina Blog August 11, 2016:


We have worked with Montreat College to digitize 529 issues of their student newspaper, now available at DigitalNC. The newspapers here range from 1937-2016, starting with The Dialette (in 1937) and ending with The Whetstone (the newspaper’s current name).

Montreat College, a Christian liberal arts college affiliated with the Presbyterian Church, was founded in 1916 in Montreat, N.C., in the Blue Ridge Mountains. From 1959-1995, it was known as Montreat-Anderson College. Today, along with the 43-acre main campus in Montreat, the college has an 89-acre campus in Black Mountain as well as campuses in Asheville, Black Mountain, and Charlotte, N.C.

Read the full article.

Thanks to ResearchBuzz for the heads-up.