Launches New Tree Viewer

The following is excerpted from a January 5, 2011 blog at the Blog: Tree Viewer

Last November, we launched a new tree viewer in an optional preview. If you chose to view your tree using the new view, we gave you the opportunity to tell us what you thought of the changes we’ve made. Based on the overwhelmingly positive feedback, we’re turning off the old view and making the new tree viewer a permanent part of our site tonight at 2am MST…

Read the full blog.

Click here to read a blog about the changes from the old viewer.

One thought on “ Launches New Tree Viewer

  1. I always enjoyed until they got the new tree.The reason is because someone added on to my tree,without asking and put in information that was erroneous. I contacted her, but the information was not removed.This did not sit well with me so I cancelled my membership. I hope that this type of activity-on an individual’s tree, will be avoided in the future.

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