The following excerpt is from an article printed in the January 4, 2011 edition of

Santa Monica, CA (PRWEB) January 4, 2011, a world leader in collaborative genealogy, today announced the addition of the 50 millionth person to its World Family Tree, also known as “The Big Tree” within the genealogy community. Among the cutting edge features that allowed this tremendous growth are:

  • A Wikipedia-style collaboration environment including more than 50 “Curators”, which are the equivalent of a Wikipedia Administrator
  • Advanced merging features that allow users with common ancestors to connect their family trees
  • An alpha version of the Geni Developer API, which allows automation of some common merging tasks

“We are very proud of this milestone that the Geni community has worked so tirelessly to reach,” says Noah Tutak, Geni’s President. “Collaboration is the only means by which Geni can reach its goal of creating a single family tree for the world, and the progress our users have made is incredible.”

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