Looking for Descendants of James (d 1899) & Nancy Hughes (d 1882) of Richmond County, North Carolina

Descendants of two people buried in Richmond County [NC] in the late 1800s are being sought so the landowner can relocate their graves.

Riley Paving is soliciting relatives of the occupants of two graves about a quarter mile up Glider Road to the west of Camp Mackall near the Moore County line. They now lie about 2,000 feet from U.S. 1.

The name on one headstone is James S. Hughes, born on June 23, 1813 and died Dec. 11, 1899, and the other is Nancy A. Hughes, born Jan. 24, 1831 and died Aug. 8, 1882.

Richmond County Historical Society Genealogy Committee member May McCallum said records show the two were husband and wife.

North Carolina General Statute provides for “any person, firm, or corporation who owns land on which an abandoned cemetery is located after first securing the consent of the governing body of the municipality or county in which the abandoned cemetery is located.”

The law stipulates 30 days written notice must be given for a next of kin or descendant to come forward, and if no one does the body must be “reinterred in a suitable cemetery.”

The entity moving the graves has to bear the cost of it, and is responsible to pay up to $200 in restitution to the next of kin.

Anyone related to the James S. or Nancy A. Hughes is encouraged to contact Laurie at Riley Paving at (910) 947-5376. The company is headquartered in Carthage.

Read the full article by Philip D. Brown in the Decmber 29, 2010 edition of the Richmond County Daily Journal.

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