WikiTree Online Surpasses 700,000 Profiles

I just got a tweet that WikiTree Online surpassed the 700,000 profile mark today. In Wikitree fact, in looking at the home page of the site, I see that 30,426 WikiTreers have added 704,936 profiles. Not bad for a site that started in 2008.

The site is free, and allows family collaboration of the building, and maintaining of the family tree.

Check it out.

2 thoughts on “WikiTree Online Surpasses 700,000 Profiles

  1. Leland – Thank you so much for mentioning WikiTree on your blog!

    I think there are two main things that set WikiTree apart: (1) The creator, Chris Whitten, really and truly cares about WikiTree and the people who use WikiTree. He is willing to listen to the needs of the genealogy community and do his best to create a website that reflects those needs. He is open to suggestions and loves to interact with the users of WikiTree. Personally, I think that is very hard to find elsewhere. (2) The privacy controls are completely unique. The privacy controls allow people to protect their information.

    Thanks again for mentioning WikiTree! The bottom line is that WikiTree would not be as amazing as it is without the contributions from the users.

    -Elyse Doerflinger
    WikiTree Evangelist

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