Polk County (Missouri) Genealogical Society has a new ongoing program entitled “First Families of Polk County.” The Bolivar Free Press Staff Photo - by Charlotte Marsch - Polk County Genealogical Society secretary and archivist Leta Gass shows a sample of what the First Families of Polk County certificates look like. She has completed documentation for recognition in the Found Families, 1836-1860, category. The project is being launched in honor of the 175th anniversary of the creation of Polk County to recognize families with roots in Polk County.program recognizes folks who had ancestors in the county – in several different categories. The following teaser is from the March 12, 2010 edition of the Bolivar Free Press:

Leta Gass is a lifelong Polk Countian, and she has a lengthy lineage of ancestors who helped shape Polk County into what it is today.

She can document back to 1837 when her great-great-grandfather, M.G. Campbell, was listed on the tax roll of Polk County. That lineage earned her the honor of being issued the first certificate in the Polk County Genealogical Society’s new ongoing “First Families of Polk County” project.

“It acknowledges the people who helped shape the destiny of Polk County,” said Susan Sparks, Polk County Genealogical Society president.

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