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One of the resources that we were informed about on January 8 when the bloggers visited was the 1950 census substitute. announced this last week that the resource was now posted.

This “substitute” for the yet-to-be-released 1950 census is made up of about 2500 city directories. My first foray into the collection was made right after the announcement. After a half hour or so, I was so frustrated that I moved on to more important things to be done that day. This morning, I went back and spent as hour or so searching, as well as browsing through the collection, with much more success.

My frustration came about because I was searching for specific individuals that I thought might be found within the collection. I kept getting false hits during my searches because the given name and surname of the person I was looking for were often “close” to each other on the page, but were not on the same line, leaving me grinding my teeth.

This morning I tried searching by surname within specific areas with a lot more luck. I also found that browsing page by page through directories for specific towns was successful.

I did a search on the surname “Meitzler” in New York State in the 1950 Census Substitute. I got three hits. The following image is of the results page.

By clicking on the Meitzler entry for 1946 Irondequoit, New York, I got a page that included my Uncle Frank Meitzler, his wife Ora, and their adult children Elmore, Doris, and Irene. Following is a screen shot of a page from Polk’s Irondequoit Directory for 1946.

Frank & Ora Meitzler 1946 directory

Search for your ancestors in the 1950 Census Substitute at

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One thought on “The New 1950 Census Substitute at

  1. Leland – Thank you for the follow up on this. Like you, I think, my first attempt didn’t find anything of interest, too may hits, none of which were even close. After reading this blog, I took another look. Lots of good hits, even found myself and kids in the results.

    Thank you for posting and the follow up on this.


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