Flu about gone… and the family is arriving

UPDATE: 12-30-09: I’m feeling better. I still have the ear infection, but overall things are much better. I’m going to get back at it today – and that will include a bit of blogging as well as removing a tremendous amount of snow from the driveway and walks around our place. The fresh air should do me good…

UPDATE 12-28-09: I’m still very ill. Spent Christmas day with an earache. Haven’t been able to hear out of my left ear at all since then. Went to the clinic and got a prescription for some high-powered and spendy antibiotics to kill the ear infection. Hopefully, I’ll be back to blogging soon.

It’s been a tough week. Unfortunately, I remember most of it. Patty and I had just gotten home from the annual Salt Lake Christmas Tour when I began to feel crummy. The next thing I knew, I felt terrible… and I’ve been down with the flu ever since. Patty got a bad cold during the tour week and is still trying to get rid of that too. So we’ve been quite a pair.

We’re both on the mend now. Feeling much better, thank you. Today we wrap a few presents and get ready for the kids, grandkids, and friends to arrive for Christmas dinner tomorrow. I’m actually feeling well enough that I do think this may be fun.

Merry Christmas to all our many friends out there. Have a terrific holiday.

3 thoughts on “Flu about gone… and the family is arriving

  1. Leland,

    Went through the same thing. I took the whole course of high powered antiboltics orally. Ear did not get better until I got antibiotic/steroid ear drops from the ear doctor.


  2. Leland,

    Sorry to hear about your illness over the Holidays. Bummer! Definitely not the time to be sick! Hope the antibiotics work and you’re soon back giving us valuable information on your blog. We miss you!


  3. Leland,

    I hope the drugs work and you feel better soon. I don’t know if there is anything worse than being sick during the Christmas Holidays.

    Here’s hoping you feel better quickly. At least by the New Year.


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