A New “Ottoman Archive Center” to Be Built in Istanbul

The Ottoman archives, which is currently in four different locations, will be housed in one place at the “Ottoman Archive Center” in Kagithane district of Istanbul, opening publicly in 2012, according to the Directorate General of State Archives on Tuesday (November 3, 2009).

The new Ottoman Archive Center, designed to guard against floods, earthquakes, chemical and biological attacks, will house approximately 100 million documents as well as 370,000 note-books. The center will include an administrative building, a research hall for 350 scholars, research institute, library, museum, a special unit for digital archives, social facilities and a congress hall for 2,500 people.

From turkishny.com.

One thought on “A New “Ottoman Archive Center” to Be Built in Istanbul

  1. Iam looking for one of my Uncles who served in Ottoman Army in world war I, and he disappeared while he still in army and we don’t have any information about him. he was a volanteer in turkish army in an officcer rank.
    his Name was in English : muheydin Alnaqin, Muheydin naqib, or Muheydin Naqib Alashraf; in arabic his name was محي الدين النقيب او محي الدين نقيب الاشراف
    He born in Safad /Palestine
    He volanteered in turkish army from either Safad or Akka in Palestine, the dates of his service should be up to 1923 or after when there no clue about him, he was and educated relegious schoolar. his brother Hussain Naqib Al-Ashraf(حسين النقيب او حسين نقيب الأشراف )was the last Naqib Al-Ashraf of Safad city /Palestine and he suppose to take his brother place after his brother death on arround 1923.

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