1001 Blog Entries

This post is number 1001 since I got GenealogyBlog up and running again in January. So I just thought I should celebrate a bit this evening. Here’s hoping that the last 1000 blogs were of interest and of use to my readers – and maybe even helped some of you advance your genealogy a bit.

I blog as often as possible – sometimes 12 hours a day – and some days not at all. My blogging depends on whether I have the time, and time at my age is a pretty precious thing. I’ve only got just so much of it left, and playing with grandson, Robbie, has made me realize just how much I want to extend that time as long as possible.

It’s my promise that I’ll keep on blogging as long as you good folks keep reading what I’m cranking out. Now let’s see how long it takes to produce the next thousand entries…

2 thoughts on “1001 Blog Entries

  1. Gift of family & the gift of being a genealogy friend, keep blogging dear friend – we’re here & always waiting for more.

  2. I was just thinking as I started reading your blog this morning how much I appreciate it. I understand about grandsons as I have two and the time spent with them is so precious. Thank you for your writing.

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