FRPC GENEALOGY NEWSLETTER – Vol. 1 #5 – October 4, 2009 – Finding Relatively Current Obituaries Online

FRPC GENEALOGY NEWSLETTER – Vol. 1 #5 – October 4, 2009 – Finding Relatively Current Obituaries Online

This is the fifth newsletter published by Family Roots Publishing. Enjoy!

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Last evening I got to thinking about my brother, who passed away last February. We attended a memorial for Neil Meitzler a couple weeks ago, and enjoyed the time spent reflecting on his life, and accomplishments. I realized that I’d never actually gotten an “official” copy of his obituary, although I did have one that was posted online by one of his friends. So I got to thinking that I needed to again see what I could find online. A few days after Neil passed away, I had searched the obituaries in the Walla Walla Union Herald, thinking that would be where I’d find his obit. I didn’t locate it, and set the project aside for a while.

Upon getting back to the search, and by “googling his name, “Herbert Neil Meitzler,” I got a couple items dealing with Neil’s passing, one being a wonderful article by Dee Bird, (who now calls me “Uncle Leland”) celebrating my brother’s life, as well as the obituary I mentioned above. See: . I also found a link to a blog I posted at, entitled “The Death Watch.” See: .

By Googling his commonly used name, “Neil Meitzler,” I came up with many more hits – the first mentioning his death being a long article at – the Free Online Encyclopedia of Washington State History. Most of the article is taken from Deloris Ament’s book on Pacific Northwest artists, entitled Iridescent Light: The Emergence of Northwest Art (Seattle: University of Washington Press, 2002). However, information about his passing is included in the article. See: . I next came across the two websites that I mentioned in the earlier paragraph. I then found an online copy of the March 7, 2009 Church Bulletin for the College Place Village SDA Church in College Place, Washington. His death is mentioned in this Bulletin. See: .

Googling “Meitzler, Neil,” and “Meitzler-Neil” brought basically the same results as above.

However, Googling on “Meitzler-Herbert Neil” brought excellent results. I first found a short obituary for Neil in the Gleaner Online. This is a website for a magazine published by the Northern Pacific Union Conference of Seventh-day Adventists. The obit had a number of major errors, but at least it was there. See: . I next found a listing for Neil at the website, and clicking on the link, I came up with a transcription of his obituary that stated that it was from NWsource on 3/1/2009. See: . I next found a reference to Neil’s obit that had been printed in the Seattle Times on March 1, 2009 – that reference being a a long listing of obits in the Obituary Daily times V15 #073 published by Walter E. Styles to a Rootsweb listserve. See: .

Okay – so much for using Google. I now went to the GenealogyBank Obituary database and immediately found a copy of the Neil’s obituary that had been printed in both the Seattle Times, as well as the Seattle PI on March 1.

Entering the Name, Neal Meitzler in the Search Engine at, < > , I got a link to the Seattle Times obituary itself. See:

Note that I tried various other online obit searches without finding Neil. I’m not saying that I wouldn’t have if I’d continued searching, but what I found was sufficient and well worth the time spent. Note that I didn’t find Neil’s obituary printed in a newspaper where he passed away – but in Seattle, where Neil was best known and had lived most of his life.

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