There is an excellent article is the October 2, 2009 edition of the Orange County Register about Colleen Fitzpatrick and one of her projects. Following is a teaser:

Finding people is her thing. Benjamin Kyle

Until now.

The mysterious case of Benjaman Kyle has the one-time nuclear physist stymied.

“I’m an avid genealogist,” says Fitzpatrick, 54, of Fountain Valley. “And I have a knack for finding people that others have given up on.”
This time, however, the person’s already been found. This time, the question is: Who the heck is he?

There is a short prayer that goes: St. Anthony, St. Anthony, please come down, something is lost, and can’t be found.

If anyone ever needed the Patron Saint of Lost Things it is “B.K. Doe,” a man who thinks he’s in his 60s but, like everything else about his life, isn’t certain.

In 2004, he was beaten, stripped and dropped by the dumpster of a Burger King in Richmond Hill, Georgia. It wasn’t until he landed in a Savannah hospital that anyone realized just what he’d lost: his memory.

The hospital nicknamed him Burger King “B.K.” Doe, and that’s who he remained. With no family, no home, no paper trail – a big problem for Fitzpatrick.

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