My Very Favorite Song – “You’re My Best Friend”

This blog entry is all personal, but Randy Seaver threw out the idea of having some “Saturday Night Fun” this week by blogging about our favorite song. So I had to do it… I bent his directions a bit though. Sorry, Randy…

Settling on a favorite was REALLY HARD. I’m a hopeless music fan, and have been my entire life. I enjoy “early” Rock and Roll, Western, County, and Southern Gospel. The “early” in the Rock and Roll genre ended in the early 1970s – but my tastes in the other genres mentioned are timeless.

As a kid, I can remember getting someone to drive me to the Enumclaw Record Shop – and buying albums for $2.99 in Mono and $3.99 in Stereo. I still have them. It does bring back memories to look through those records. I was a Johnny Horton fan, and was devastated at his death in November of 1960. I had to take his picture down from the wall of my bedroom, in that I became very upset whenever I looked at it. A ten-year-old kid has a difficult time with the sudden passing of those who have achieved star status in their lives. Horton’s melancholy “All for the Love of a Girl,” continues to be a favorite, one of a very few that I still enjoy singing along with my old guitar.

Then came Rock and Roll. I think that the song that I most enjoyed in that genre was the Beach Boys‘ “Surfin’ USA,” written by Brian Wilson. The song was released in March 1963 (I was still 12 years old), quickly went to #2 and stayed on the charts for 78 weeks. The song actually gave me goosebumps – something that still happens today. Click here for YouTube’s “The Beach Boys – Surfin’ USA [Live]”

Gospel music has always had a hold on me, but Southern Gospel can’t be beat in my book. I sang with an unknown gospel group called “Destiny” many years ago. The group was made up of Don Powell, Becky Layer-Powell, Roger Weller, and myself. We had a version of Dallas Holmes’ “Rise Again” that I’m still proud of. We had a good time, did a number for gigs for donations, but eventually split up for lack of interest. Patty and I flew to Nashville a few years ago and enjoyed a “Southern Gospel Music Weekend” at the late Opryland USA. What a delightful time we had. Probably my favorite gospel song is “He Touched Me,” by Bill and Gloria Gaither. They wrote the song in 1963, and it’s been having a positive effect on folks lives ever since then. View YouTube’s “He Touched Me” sung by The Gaither Vocal Band with Mark Lowry, by clicking here.

But now to my all-time favorite – and it’s a wonderful country tune, written and performed by the great Don Williams. I was Don Williamsdriving cross-country the first time I heard it and the song immediately reminded me of my wife – Patty – and it still does. Yes – and this one still gives me goose bumps. I even cry a little. My favorite song is “You’re My Best Friend.” Patty was my best friend from the time we were 12 years old – and that continues to this day. View the Video at YouTube’s Don Williams – You’re My Best Friend. Click on Don’s picture to go to his website. It’s a treat all in itself.

Thanks, Randy, for reminding me how much certain songs and certain people have meant in my life.

2 thoughts on “My Very Favorite Song – “You’re My Best Friend”

  1. Leland

    I just wanted to say that not many people know of Don Williams and your mention of him and that song just started a flood of memories for me. My mother was a big Don Williams fan as well as a fan of many “old time” country music singers like Dottie West, Loretta Lynn, etc.

  2. What a great selection for a favorite song. I grew up listening to Don Williams and he still remains a favorite of mine as well as my sister. Our mom probably had every album he ever put out. There is just something about his voice and your post has brought back some fond childhood memories for me. Thanks for sharing.

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