Blogging the last month has been very light – caused by a heavy schedule on my part. The family had a reunion in Colorado. Then I went to Little Rock, Arkansas for the FGS Conference, checking out the Oklahoma History Center on the way. I then rushed home, did some writing, filled orders, got Saxony II to press and immediately drove to Washington State where we had a memorial for my brother, Neil Meitzler, who passed away last February. We’re now back home again, have shipped the Saxony II soft cover books, and worked on the 2009 Christmas Tour. I’m currently writing a magazine article, and also have a lecture to finish up for a Tuesday speaking engagement for the Sacramento German Genealogy Society. I’m also working on lectures for the upcoming Family History Expo in Redding, California, taking place October 16 & 17. People keep wondering what’s going on with Everton’s. The truth is that I really have little information, but have posted what I do know in a blog post and comments.

I guess you could say that I have no time to get into any trouble, but I’ll do my best to rectify that!