Hands Around the Library Rally Held at the Library of Michigan

Check out the article, pictures and video about the “Hands Around the Library” Rally at the Library of Michigan. I found the following paragraph enlightening:

Hands Around the Library

Unfortunately Governor Granholm was not in her office that day. While we were there trying to convince her to continue to spend the $2 million on the library, she was in Detroit with Vice President Joe Biden. They were discussing a plan to spend $1 Billion on battery technology. We know that she is getting the message that we were there. You can help the cause even more by making sure that she is getting the message.

It seems that the last election gave our politicians the idea that we all wanted change – and they are now on the rampage to make those changes before we figure out this this wasn’t the kind of change we voted for – or expected…

Read the article at GlobalGenealogy.com.

Thanks to Shirley Hodges for the links and heads-up on this.

Roger Moffat also took lots of pictures at the event and posted them on his blog, Roger’s Ramblings. Click here to see the photos.

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