The Hess Family Reunion

Tuesday’s Davis County Clipper (the local bi-weekly her in Bountiful) had a short article in the Davis People section about the Hess Family Reunion which took place last week. The following is from the paper:

Farmington – The Hess Family Reunion saw close to 200 people last week as people paid for histories and had their pictures taken.

Bruce Parry, chairman of the Northwestern Shoshone Nation, a Shoshone Indian and direct descendant of Sagwitch, spoke during the reunion. He told stories of his family and accounts of activities with the Shoshone Tribes.

Later on, both Chuck and John Hess also spoke about their work with the tribe. John Hess talked about farming and raising cattle as well.

Other family members performed musical numbers and James Arrington performed “The Farley Family Reunion.”

Lunch was served, including watermelon, salads, sandwiches and cookies.

For more information or to view the photos available, visit or

From the Davis County Clipper.

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