Sam Weller's business card As I blogged a while back, venerable Sam Weller’s Bookstore in downtown Salt Lake City has announced that they will be closing the Main St. bookstore at some time in the near future – and moving to an undisclosed location where they can be more competitive the Barnes & Noble, Borders, and… Competition and the recession have taken their toll. I stopped by the store a few days ago and was told that the owners were at that moment in another meeting dealing with “the move.” While there, I picked up several old local histories – all at bargain prices.

The store is my favorite retail operation in all of the Wasatch Front. It’s an old-fashioned book store that covers many rooms on samwellers-front three floors – and just seems to go on and on… For many years, it had an unrivaled used genealogy and local history section. That section is pretty-much gone now, having been consolidated with LDS books on the lower level. However, the Rare Book Room is still thriving and is loaded with treasures.

The store has a lower level that’s loaded with “bargain books” as well as all kinds of materials specific to all kinds of categories. Geography, LDS books, art books, music-oriented books are a few that come to mind.

I got permission to shoot a few pictures in the store and post for my friends.


Sam Wellers interior

Sam Weller's-interior 2

Sam Weller's-interior 3

Sam Weller's-cafe

Sam Weller's-rare books

Sam Weller's-rare books 2

Sam Weller's-bargain books