Blaine Whipple I first met Blaine Whipple about 20 years ago. He wrote an article or two (maybe more) for Heritage Quest Magazine, which I accepted, then came to one (or more) of my many “Road Shows” that I did around the county. I was impressed with the guy’s knowledge of all things genealogical. There’s a good article about Whipple in the June 11, 2009 edition of the Times. Following is a teaser.

“I just got hooked on it, and I just kept going,” Whipple says. “I have been to every place, including England, where they lived. I visited all the spots that they moved to as they kept moving west after their settlement. They were always quite active people, so there was a lot in the public record about them. So I just kept going and going and going, like the battery.”

Going and going and going is quite an understatement. His four-volume history-genealogy book “15 Generations of Whipples” begins in England in 1560 and ends in Portland in 2007. From his ninth great grandfather Matthew Whipple to his son Scott Whipple, all of the family members are documented. This includes approximately 20,000 of Matthew’s descendants, 3,500 surnames, 8,800 marriages and 3,200 locations. From his 52 years of research, Whipple was able to collect enough data to include 3,331 historical data endnotes and 15,099 genealogical data endnotes.

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