Chinese Genealogy-Related Websites

Chinese National Library In searching foreign-language websites and news, I ran across a list of websites at where the Chinese genealogist will find information. Note that some of the sites have English language sites as well. The Fujian Provincial Library, Suzhou City Archives, Quanzhou City Library, and the Zhejiang Library also had website addresses recommended for genealogy research, but the links were bad. This isn’t a comprehensive list by any means. The Generation’s Network’s new Chinese site wasn’t even mentioned in the article I ran across.

National Library of China: 中國國家圖書館 :
English language site:

Taiwan Memory: 台灣記憶- 國家圖書館 : Taiwan memory – the National Library:

Sun Yat Sin Library: 廣東省立中山圖書館 Sun Yat Sin Library: Guangdong Provincial Zhongshan Library

Shanghai Library: 上海圖書館 :

Hong Kong University: 香港大學圖書館 : University of Hong Kong Libraries: (In English)

TianJin Library of China: 天津圖書館 :

WuHan University Library: 武漢大學古籍館 :
English Language Version:

NanKai University Library: 南開大學圖書館 :
English Language Version:

CUHK Library of Hong Kong: 香港原居民姓氏族譜:

National Library of Singapore: 新加坡國家圖書館: (In English)


Chen Library: 永春仙鄉林炳陳氏宗親聯誼網 : Chen Sin Lin Heung Yongchun clan Network:

Cheung Library: 中華張姓網: Chinese Zhang surname Network:

Chinese Canadian: 中加譜學網站: Spectra Canada Web site: (In English)

One thought on “Chinese Genealogy-Related Websites

  1. Can anyone help me find my great grandpa’s ancestral lineage?

    His name is Chiquito Po To…, but I’m not really sure if that’s his original name. He’s originally from Amoy, china, and he came here from the Philippines and got married to my great grandma… I believe he may be a merchant or a traveller…, but how can i trace his ancestors? i can’t even find any PO TO surnames existing. I need your help 🙁 tnx

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