Jack R. Westbrook and Sherry Sponseller are currently compiling a book on early Isabella County, Michigan one-room schools. They are searching for pictures of the schools, the students, and their teachers. The book will be titled, “Yesterday’s School Kids of Isabella County.”

The following list is made up of some of the one-room schools for which they are looking for photographs of the buildings, teachers and students:

  • Broomfield Township: Griffin, Bundy, and Eldred schools.
  • Chippewa Twp: Taylor, Landon, Newton, Chippewa, Merilatt, Cement & Riverside schools.
  • Coe Township: Estee, Childs and Williams schools.
  • Coldwater Township: Brown, Maple Grove and an as yet unnamed school in District 8.
  • Deerfield Township: River Valley and Reynolds schools.
  • Denver Township: Wise, Leaton, Polish, Maple Grove and Bader schools.
  • Fremont Township: Rust-Hay school.
  • Gilmore Township: Beech or Beach, Schofield and Hatfield schools
  • Isabella Township: Spaulding, Whiteville and Jordan schools.
  • Lincoln Township: Hoag, Irishtown, Root and South Lincoln schools.
  • Rolland Township: Miller, Doxie and Remick schools.
  • Union Township: Maple Hill and Phinisley schools.
  • Vernon Township: Vernon Center, Lynch and Wilson schools.
  • Wise Township: Herrick and Loomis schools.

Read more about this project in an article by Patricia Ecker in the April 26, 2009 edition of The Morning Sun.