Museum Staff to Join Genealogy Department at Allen County Library to Help With the Digitization of the Lincoln Documents

When the manuscripts in the Lincoln collection find their new home in the Allen County Public Library next month, they will be joined by two museum staff members.

The museum workers will join the library’s staff, but money raised by the Friends of the Lincoln Museum – not general property taxes – will be used to pay the museum workers’ salaries, library Director Jeff Krull said.

Money is already available to make that transition, Krull said.

The library has reduced staff over the past year to meet a smaller budget next year when new tax caps will further reduce the taxes property owners pay. The museum staffers will work in the genealogy department and will help prioritize which documents should be digitized first, said Curt Witcher, genealogy manager.

Read the full article in the April 24, 2009 edition of the Journal Gazette.

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