MyHeritageDNA Tests – Just $59 each when you purchase two – thru Valentine’s Day

MyHeritage is running an Autosomal DNA Test sale through Valentine’s Day – offering the tests for only $59 with the purchase of two kits. One kit is just $69. Click here to order.

I had a MyHeritage DNA test processed nearly a year ago. MyHeritage was just getting into the DNA testing business, so the matches started out rather slowly, but soon I was getting more cousin matches than I was able to keep up with. In checking the website today, I see that I now have 2,765 matches – starting with First Cousins!

My Ancestry is all from the United Kingdom and Western Europe – namely England, Scotland; Germany and Switzerland, so the Ethnicity Results were of no surprise to me. I’ve taken tests from other providers, and the MyHeritage results are about the same. DNA results are never exact, so it’s interesting to compare tests. To make it even more interesting, sibling tests aren’t exactly the same, even though we have the same parents. Something called recombination takes place following conception, making your sibling’s DNA differ from yours.

  • 42 ethnicity groups in our report – more than any other major DNA vendor.
  • The fastest processing time – up to 4 weeks.
  • International database.
  • Integration with family tree tools and historical records to expand your family research.

Contacting DNA Matches is Now FREE!
By the way, MyHeritage announced a few days ago that contacting DNA Matches is now free to ALL MyHeritage DNA users. This is a big deal, as users no longer have to have a subscription plan to make the contact.

If you have tested your DNA with other autosomal DNA test providers than MyHeritage DNA, you can easily upload the DNA raw data file to to get a comprehensive Ethnicity Estimate and DNA Matches. It’s entirely free, and you will find more relatives! Click here to Upload your DNA data to MyHeritage and enjoy free DNA Matching and Ethnicity Estimates.

Order your MyHeritage Autosomal DNA test today by clicking here.

Last November I received a link to an exciting video – that of an emotional reunion between a mother and daughter who met for the first time today live on Good Morning America, thanks to MyHeritage DNA. Although I posted it at that time, I’m posting it again, figuring that many of you may not have seen it.

Angie was a teenage mother who placed her baby Meribeth for adoption in 1986. She never got to hold Meribeth after she gave birth to her, and she always hoped that she was adopted by a loving family. For thirty years, they both wondered about one another. MyHeritage DNA enabled Meribeth and Angie to finally find one another. Click on the illustration to watch. It’s about an 8 1/2 minute clip.

Please note – I have an affiliate relationship with MyHeritage and MyHeritage DNA. I receive a small portion of any sales made by my readers clicking on the above links, and purchasing.

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