Contacting MyHeritage DNA Matches is Now Free

MyHeritage announced a few days ago that contacting DNA Matches is now free to ALL MyHeritage DNA users. This is a big deal, as users no longer have to have a subscription plan to make the contact. Read the following paragraphs, taken from the MyHeritage blog for the details.

By the way, MyHeritage DNA is running a Valentine’s Day promo, making their DNA kits just $59 if you purchase two or more – and $69 for just one. Click on this link or the illustration at the bottom to learn more and/or to order. Regular price is $99.

“In response to popular demand, Contacting DNA Matches is now available to all MyHeritage DNA users for free. This remains free for people who uploaded DNA data to MyHeritage, and, for the first time, is also free to users with MyHeritage DNA kits who do not have a subscription plan. We are making this free because this has been a frequent request by our users. In addition, we believe it will benefit the community because more people will be contacting their DNA Matches, resulting in more family reunions, more discoveries, and increased collaboration.

“On the DNA Matches list, click on the “Contact” button for any DNA Match to send a message. If the DNA Match is not the manager of his or her own DNA kit, you have the option to send a message either to the DNA Match or to the person who manages their kit.

“When you send someone a message, they will receive an email from MyHeritage to read your message through the MyHeritage inbox; your email address will not be exposed to them. It is free for the recipient of a message to view it and free to respond. However, remember that some people ignore email or may decide not to respond intentionally! If you do not receive a response, and you believe that the recipient would be highly interested in your message, you can send them another message later, or you can try looking them up using their name on websites like Facebook and LinkedIn.

“Please note that contacting DNA Matches has been made free, but contacting users through some other contexts (e.g., Smart Matches) still requires a subscription.”

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