Researching in Germany, Second Edition – 20% Off

Are you considering a research trip to Germany? Or any of the German language speaking countries, for that matter… If so, this book is for you! Written primarily by Shirley J. Riemer, with the assistance of Roger Minert and Susan Sirrine, Researching in Germany, A Handbook for Your Visit to the Homeland of Your Ancestors, Second Edition is the genealogist’s guide to German research travel. The book is loaded with the information that you need for a successful trip.

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The first edition was printed on September 11, 2001, and was very popular. The second edition, published in 2013, covers topics that travelers today find useful – including technology advances, and can help the 21st-century researcher in many ways. Collectively, the authors have made more than 30 trips to Germany – even living there for a while.

The book is nicely laid out, with many illustrations, tables, lists, and maps. If you’re even thinking of going to Germany, you must have this book!

The following is from the Table of Contents:

Chapter One: Preparing for your visit to the land of your ancestors
Reasons and goals for the trip
Identifying the ancestral home
Locating the records you need
Gaining access to the records you need
Hiring a local expert to assist you
Deciding when to make your research trip to Germany
Acquiring a Passport
Making your travel plans
… Air Travel
… Car rentals for travel in Germany
… Trains
Documents, literature, and equipment needed for conducting family history research in Germany
… Documents and printed materials to prepare for the trip.
… Computer preparations
Non-researching materials to collect and organize before leaving home.
… The log
… Letter of Introduction
German Handshake Packet
Preparing to use your debit card in Europe
Preparing to enter a German-language environment
Gifts to take along
Luggage selection
Packing Your Suitcase

Chapter Two: Getting around the land of your ancestors
Landing at the airport in Germany
You and your money in Germany
… Need cash?
… Credit Cards
… Traveler’s Checks
… Hints for Handling money in Germany
Living between time zones
Rental cars
… Picking up your rental car
… Pointers on driving in Germany
… Driving on the Autobahn
… Other driving pointers
… Driving regulations in European countries
… Parking your rental car
… Bicycles
Traveling by rail in Germany
… The German railroad “alphabet game”
… Train information
… Train reservations
… Validating a rail pass
… Handling luggage
… Conveniences on board
… Which is your stop>
… Before leaving the train station
Taking a taxi
Using other public transportation
Tourist information
… Finding a room
… Gathering local information
… Checking out Antiquariat
Sleeping accommodations in Germany
… Rooms in private houses
… The Gasthaus, the Gasthof, and the Pension
… Vacation Apartments
… Hotels
Restaurants in Germany
… Water: A problem for Americans
Telling time in Europe
Post office services in Germany
… Basic services and products
… Shipping extra items
… Filling out postal forms
Telecommunication in Germany
… Public telephones
… Private telephones
… Other communication options
Dealing with emergencies

Chapter Three: Conducting family history research in the land of your ancestors
Research at specific locations in Germany
… The parish church
… Regional church archives
… Other church-owned research venues
… Civil record venues
… City archives
… County archives
… State and national archives
… Family History Societies
… Family history centers
Private researchers
Other research venues
Visiting relatives
The Heimatmuseum
Research in other German-language regions of Europe
… Alsace-Lorriane, France (Elsass-Lothringen)
… Austria (Österreich)
… Bohemia and Moravia, Czech Republic (Böhmen und Mähren)
… Liechtenstein
… Luxembourg
… Poland
… Slovenia (Slowenien, Slovenija)
… Switzerland (Schweiz)
Research facilities in Europe: seven examples
… Estorf, Germany: Estorf Lutheran Church
… Hannover, Germany: Landskirchenamt, kirchenbuchamt
… Basel, Switzerland: Staatsarchiv des Kantons Basel-Stadt
… Vienna, Austria: Zur Allerheiligsten Dreifaltigkelt
… Graz, Austria: Diözesanarchiv
… Plzen, Czech Republic: Statni Oblastni Archiv
… Ljubljana, Slovenia: Nadskofiiski Archiv
Record-keeping and documentation

Chapter Four: Enjoying yourself in the land of your ancestors

Where to go and what to do
Taking pictures in Germany
Shopping in Germany

Chapter Five: After the trip
Returning home
Annotated Bibliography

A. English-German vocabulary
B. German-English vocabulary
C. Vital records vocabulary
D. Reading German handwritten documents
E. Letters to Germany in preparation for your trip
F. Computer translations
G. Archives games

Useful Addresses

Researching in Germany, A Handbook for Your Visit to the Homeland of Your Ancestors, 2nd Edition; by Roger P. Minert, Shirley J. Riemer, and Susan E. Sirrine; Published 2013; x+271 pp; Soft Cover; Item # M0028; Reg. $19; On sale for $15.20. Click on the link to order.

Get 30% off by purchasing the Research in Germany Bundle. Reg. $28.95, the bundle is on sale for just $20.27! (+$5.50 p&h) Click here to order.

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