Georgia Archives Posts the Georgia Confederate Muster Rolls

The Georgia Archives has posted the company muster rolls for the Georgia Confederate military. The collection was launched in March of 2017. The following is from the Georgia Archives website:

The majority of the company muster rolls in this series are from military organizations created by the State of Georgia during the Civil War for service within the state. These military organizations include the Georgia Army (1861), the Georgia State Guards (August 1863-February 1864), and the Georgia State Line (1862-1865). The Georgia Militia is referred to as Georgia State Troops. Some units were later turned over to Confederate service. There are also nearly 250 muster rolls from Georgia Volunteer Infantry.

These records were taken from Record Groups 22-1-63, Defense Dept., Adjutant General, Confederate Muster Rolls.

What information can I find?

Each record of the muster roll includes:

  • regiment or battalion
  • company designation
  • unit nickname
  • service branch
  • commanding officer
  • beginning date of muster
  • ending date of muster

Each muster roll also includes:

  • Name and rank of each member of the unit. Soldiers are usually listed in rough alphabetical order after officers.

The muster roll may also include for each soldier:

  • Age
  • Date, place, by whom enlisted, and period of enlistment
  • Bounty paid for enlistment (if enrollment muster)
  • Date last paid
  • Remarks
  • Amount paid
  • Clothing paid
  • Location of muster

Note about indexing and digital collections: For the unit you wish to search, you can type in a portion of the name or number of the unit, its nickname, or the name of its commanding officer and click on the Search button.

This is the complete collection in Record Group 22-1-63. There are two copies of most muster rolls and both copies have been included in this collection. Unfortunately some muster rolls are almost illegible due to the type of ink used.

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