We’ve Been Away for a While – Here’s what Leland & Patty are up to…

It’s time I get back to blogging. I’ve not done any since early December, and I’m feeling guilty.

To bring my readers up to date on what’s happened during the two months I’ve been away…

First – We finished the FRPC big project of 2016, that being getting a Second Edition of Bill Dollarhide’s Census Substitutes & State Census Records finished and into print. The books really needed an update, as they were last printed in 2008. The new Second Edition boosts the number of instantly available internet database links containing census substitutes or state censuses to 3,391 – most of which weren’t even available in 2008! Also included are another 577 URL’s with a link to a catalog or an online resources page. The set went from 2 volumes to 3, with a lot more pages per volume.

Second – We spent about 10 days in Salt Lake City with our annual Salt Lake Christmas Tour. Eighty-eight researching attendees and a few spouses joined us and our team to break some brick walls at the Family History Library.

Third – We celebrated a delightful Hanukkah & Christmas with our family here in Orting, Washington.

Fourth – We bought a car. Last October, we were unfortunate enough to get “hit” by a young lady who didn’t seem to see us coming. Thankfully, none of us were hurt. After unsuccessfully attempting to repair it, the lady’s insurance company gave up, totaled our car, and sent us a nice check. On Christmas day, we bought another car – of the same year, make and model as our earlier one. Not a new car, but it only had 32,000 miles on it, so it still looks and feels new! The catcher was that it was located in Pompana Beach, Florida. We live in Washington State. It looked like it was time for a vacation – of sorts. In early January, Patty and I, along with our grandson, Robby (age 8), flew to Fort Lauderdale (the day prior to the airport shooting there), and got our car. After spending the weekend in the Everglades and Monday at the Magic Kingdom, we drove home – putting another 3800 miles on the car. We had a wonderful time – great trip.

Fourth – We’ve been editing, and preparing for publication a new African American Genealogy Research textbook by our good friend, Jeanette Daniels. Jeanette teaches at Heritage Genealogical College in Salt Lake City, and has been working on this new book for years. It’s an amazing text and guidebook, and anyone interested in tracing their African American ancestors will be able to do so after studying its 42 chapters. This is the most in-depth guide on the subject that I’ve ever seen. We plan to have the two-volume work in print this Spring.

Fifth – We finished another project for Dr. Roger Minert – that is the publication of the latest volume of the Germans Immigrants in American Church Records series. Previously printed by Picton Press, Family Roots Publishing took on the publication of the series starting with Volume 19 – which deals with German immigrants found in the church records of Missouri churches. We expect to print a couple books a year for another decade or so – with the series eventually reaching 40 or more volumes. Libraries, individuals and societies wishing a standing order with FRPC for upcoming volumes may do so by contacting me. A 15% discount is available for standing-order patrons.

Sixth – I have been working for several years with Bill Dollarhide on a series of state-oriented volumes covering all 50 states and the District of Columbia. The series is “Census & Substitute Names Lists.” We started the project in 2013 with Alabama. After completion of his Second Edition of Census Substitutes & State Census Records set of three volumes in December, Bill was able to quickly finish out the series of “Name List” books, as much of the information in the state books was already researched for the Second Edition of Census Substitutes & State Census Records. These latest volumes, running alphabetically from Minnesota through Wyoming, plus a new Second Edition of the Indiana volume are now at the bindery. Bill is now writing a guide in the same vein on the U.S. Territories & Possessions.

Seventh – FRPC is about to publish a new book entitled German Genealogy Research in Pomerania. Written by Donna Schilling, this book deals with many aspects of Pomeranian research, and I believe will be a great asset to anyone wishing to trace their Pomerania ancestors. Donna’s people come from Kreis Schlawe, and most of her research examples are from that area.

Eighth – Kevan Hansen continues his research and compilation of the Map Guide to German Parish Registers series. He has just submitted Volume 57 to us for editing. This is another “big city” volume, this time covering Bremen, Lübeck, and Kiel. It should be in print sometime this month.

Ninth – Speaking of Kevan Hansen, he is now contracted with FRPC to write a Swiss Map Guide series. Patty is currently editing the first two volumes – the two fully covering the Canton of Bern. Watch this blog and the Genealogy Newsline for further information on the new series. We started with Bern, because it’s huge – and had a lot of emigration to America. Most of the twenty-six Cantons are smaller, so we’re pretty sure we can publish the series in about 20 volumes.

Tenth – We are now editing a series entitled Guide to the Genealogical Resources of Italy. We started this project many years ago, and just got one book out – that was for Sicily. Then The author, George Ott, got busy with other things, and so did Patty and I. Of course, that initial book has been out-of-print for years. A while back, George approached me with the idea of taking up the project again. His wife, Sandy, had retired from teaching, and is now available to help with the research. So – we’re back at it. The first volume is a Second Edition on Sicily. We’re editing it now. The second covers Reggio Calabria, which is just about ready to edit also.

Eleventh – We’re about to publish a Second Edition of John Hudick’s Finding Your Ancestral Village in Slovakia, Czecky, Ukraine, Galacia and Hungary. Our friend, Lisa Alzo, is currently bringing the book up-to-date with many additions and corrections (reflecting ongoing changes). This is exciting, as we’ve had the rights to the volume for over a year – with too many things going on to get it back into print. We will be supporting the book, and Slavic research in general on the website slavicroots.com. The site, as well as the book will be available in the Spring.

Twelfth – FRPC is about to publish a book entitled MÜLLER/MUELLER Heraldry and Genealogy: A Geographical Perspective. Written by Frederick Siler, the full-color book brings together German heraldry and genealogy – dealing specifically with the Müller surname. Unlike British heraldry, which requires that coats-of-arms be passed down from eldest son to eldest son, Germanic heraldry is geographic in nature, with far less restriction.

Okay – that covers a few of the things we’ve been doing. There’s been little time for blogging, Facebook, or even Twitter… But I will attempt to do what I can in the coming days.

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  1. Wow, you have been and are very busy! All to our benefit, thank you for all you do for all of us genealogy ‘nuts’.

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