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Check out! In the last four days, NewspaperARCHIVE posted many turn of the century newspapers. Seventeen states and one Canadian province are represented this time around. Iowa is again the clear winner when it comes to numbers of papers represented. I note that they are also posting turn-of-the-century Valdez, as well as Fairbanks, Alaska papers.

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The following list is alphabetical – first by state, then by city, then newspaper and the dates posted this week.

Fairbanks, Alaska
Fairbanks Daily Times (1906) (1908) (1911-1915)
Fairbanks Evening News (1906)
Fairbanks Times (1906) (1911) (1915)
Alaska Citizen, The (1911)
Fairbanks Daily News – Miner (1909-1915)
Fairbanks Weekly Palladium and Local Regulator (1909)

Valdez, Alaska
Valdez News, The (1904-1906)
Alaska Prospector, The (1904-1907)
Valdez News, The (1904)
Daily Prospector Bulletin (1907)

Covina, California
Covina Argus (1906) (1911-1912)

Ukiah, California
Mendocino Dispatch Democrat (1898-1899)
Ukiah Dispatch Democrat (1900-1901) (1905-1906)
Ukiah Republican Press (1898-1915)
Ukiah Dispatch Democrat (1902-1906) (1913-1915)

Naugatuck, Connecticut
Naugatuck Daily News (1902 – 1905) (1908-1915)

Carbondale, Illinois
Daily Free Press, The (1909 – 1915)

Fulton, Illinois
Fulton Journal, The (1908)

Sterling, Illinois
Sterling Standard (1898-1901) (1904-1907)
Sterling Gazette (1900-1903)
Sterling Evening Standard (1906)

Logansport, Indiana
Democratic Pharos (1898-1907)
Logansport Journal (1898-1912)
Logansport Reporter (1898-1911)
Logansport Chronicle (1904-1915)
Logansport Pharos (1909-1911) (1913)
Logansport Weekly Pharos (1907) (1912-1913)
Logansport Weekly Reporter (1909-1912)
Logansport Journal-Tribune (1912-1915)
Logansport Pharos-Reporter(1913-1915)

Ackley, Iowa
Ackley World (1901-1902) (1913) (1916-1917)
Ackley World Journal (1917-1976)

Algona, Iowa
Kossuth County Advance (1895) (1909-1913)
Algona Upper Des Moines (1899-1916)
Algona Republican (1899-1904)
Algona Courier (1901-1916)
Algona Advance (1901-1908)
Upper Des Moines-Republican (1905-1906)

Altoona, Iowa
Altonna Herald, The (1916)

Corning, Iowa
Adams County Free Press (1950-1951)

Estherville, Iowa
Northern Vindicator (1889)
Emmet County Republican (1898-1899)
Estherville Democrat, The (1902-1903) (1906-1907) (1909-1912)
Estherville Enterprise (1903) (1905) (1909)
Vindicator and Republican, The (1907)

Glenwood, Iowa
Mills County Tribune (1898) (1913)

Humboldt, Iowa
Humboldt Independent (1904) (1906-1913) (1914)
Humboldt County Independent (1900-1904)

Humboldt County Republican (1900-1912)
Humboldt Republican (1901) (1915)

Lenox, Iowa
Lenox Time Table (1912)

Malvern, Iowa
Malvern Leader (1907) (1911)

Rock Valley, Iowa
Sioux County Bee (1898)
Rock Valley Bee (1906) (1913-1914)

Sioux Center, Iowa
Sioux Center Nieuwsblad (1900-1914)
Sioux Center News (1896 – 1900) (1902-1903)

Strawberry Point, Iowa
Strawberry Point Mail Press (1901-1902)

Sumner, Iowa
Sumner Gazette, The (1898-1915)
Sumner Journal, The (1903-1905)
Sumner Herald (1915)

Titonka, Iowa
Titonka Topic (1903)

Wapello, Iowa
Wapello County Supervisors Book (1911)

Williamsburg, Iowa
Williamsburg Journal Tribune (1899-1902) (1906-1915)

Cumberland, Maryland
Evening Times (1909-1914)

Hagerstown, Maryland
Daily Mail, The (1899 – 1916)
Mail (1898 – 1904) (1908-1915)
Morning Herald (1901-1915)

North Adams, Massachusetts
North Adams Transcript (1902-1912) (1915)

Ironwood, Michigan
Ironwood Times, The (1898) (1902-1912)
Ironwood News-Record, The (1902-1905)

Marshall, Michigan
Daily Chronicle, The (1899-1900)
Daily News (1899-1903)
Marshall Expounder (1898-1900)
Marshall News, The (1898-1902)
Marshall Statesman (1898-1901) (1911)

Jefferson City, Missouri
Cole County Democrat (1904-1909)
Daily Democrat-Tribune (1910-1915)
Weekly Democrat-Tribune (1911-1914)
Jefferson City Weekly Tribune (1909)
Jefferson City Daily Tribune (1909)

St. Louis, Missouri
Railroad Telegrapher (1900) (1905)

Helena, Montana
Helena Independent, The (1908-1911)

New Brunswick, New Jersey
Daily Times, The (1899-1901)

Gallup, New Mexico
Gallup Independent, The (1915)

Delphos, Ohio
Delphos Daily Herald (1907)

Massillon, Ohio
Evening Independent (1911)

Piqua, Ohio
Miami Helmet, The (1899-1902)
Piqua Leader-Dispatch, The (1901-1915)
Piqua Daily Call, The (1908-1912)

Xenia, Ohio
Daily Gazette (1906-1913) (1916)

Greenville, Pennsylvania
Advance Argus (1911-1912)
News, The (1898-1899)
Evening Record, The (1899-1904) (1906-1915)

Lebanon, Pennsylvania
Lebanon Daily News (1899-1900) (1904-1906) (1909-1915)
Lebonon Semi-weekly News (1901)

Smethport, Pennsylvania
McKean County Miner (1906-1907)

Brownsville, Texas
Brownsville Daily Herald (1905)

Denton, Texas
Denton Record-Chronicle (1910 – 1912) (1915)

Lubbock, Texas
Avalanche (1908 – 1912)

Mexia, Texas
State Herald, The (1903) (1907) (1914)

Weimar, Texas
Weimar Mercury, The (1898-1902) (1915)
Mercury, The (1902-1915)

Salt Lake City, Utah
Salt Lake Tribune, The (1898-1900) (1902-1907)
Salt Lake Semi-weekly Tribune (1900)

Petersburg, Virginia
Petersburg Daily Progress, The (1913-1915)


Winnipeg, Manitoba
Winnipeg Free Press (1900)

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