Heroes’ Memorials Demanded for Czech Assassins of Holocaust Chief

The following teaser is from an article posted August 21, 2016 at theguardian.com:


The assassination of Reinhard Heydrich is recognised as one of the most audacious operations of the second world war. But Ján Kubiš and Josef Gabcík, the two British-trained Czechoslovak paratroopers credited with killing one of Hitler’s most fanatical henchmen and chief mastermind of the Holocaust, are believed to be buried in Prague in an unmarked grave.

Now campaigners are calling on the Czech Republic to rescue their remains from obscurity and give them the burial they deserve. The pair are believed to lie in Ďáblice cemetery in Prague in a common plot also used to bury executed Nazis and wartime collaborators. The spot is close to where thousands of political prisoners killed under Czechoslovakia’s former communist regime are thought to be buried.

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