How To Use the Web Store – Pt. 4

In Pt. 1, I wrote about how the Categories are laid out at the Family Roots Publishing website. In Pt. 2, I described what the categories “Africa” through “Computer” contain. In Pt. 3, I described what the categories “Ethnic” through “How-to Guides” contain.
In this post, I would like to describe the categories ” Mexico ” through “~Damaged.”

Categories – Mexico to ~Damaged

The Mexico section needs more products. If there were more books available and written in English, we would sell more on this area.

This section covers all of the wars the U.S. has been involved in, including obscure ones like: Bacon’s Rebellion. Also products covering other countries like: British Military.

PDF EBooks
This is the section for our Ebooks. Currently, we only carry PDFs. We carry all of Moorshead Magazines’ Ebooks. including back issues of their magazines (though most have yet to be posted); most of Lisa Louise Cooke‘s Ebooks, Diahan Southard’s DNA Guides and many of our own products by authors like William Dollarhide, Roger P. Minert and Leland Meitzler

This is our Periodicals section. Here we have placed both paper and PDF copies of the popular Periodicals that we carry, as well as books about Periodicals.
Many of the Paper and PDF back issues that we have, have yet to be posted.

This category is for the amazing SHOTBOX, portable tabletop photo light studio.

South America
South America
This category is for South America. If there where more books written in English, we would sell more on this area.

This category is where we have Forms, and Wall Charts.

USA - By State
USA – By State
In this category we have broken the U.S.A. down by State. By clicking on the state of your choice, you can go to the county level. We have also included U.S. Territories and Former U.S. Possessions.

USA - General
USA – General
This section is for Categories covering the entire U.S.A.


All items are brand new, never read, but time on a warehouse shelf or at a conference has not been good to them. They may have some damage to the cover; scuff marks mostly, but integrity is still intact. There are no missing pages or anything that would compromise the readability, legibility, or understanding of the text. They may have minimal dings on the top or bottom of some pages.

And that covers it. I hope this helps in your use of the Family Roots Publishing website.

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